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IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (GA)

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IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment: An on-demand, single-tenant Platform-as-a-Service on IBM Cloud

We’re updating a fresh and exciting capability on IBM Cloud as we release the IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment to general availability.

This offering allows users to create and manage isolated Cloud Foundry environments for hosting cloud-native applications exclusively for their organizations. It provides on-demand self-service provisioning, elastic consumption, and complete access to administrative capabilities. It can make seamless use of the vast catalog of IBM Cloud services, enabling customers to build complex applications with a wide range of services, including Watson AI. (GA)

Key features

This offering provides many great benefits to Enterprise customers, including the following:

  • A tenant-specific Cloud Foundry environment with optional hardware isolation
  • Self-service, on-demand automated provisioning directly from the IBM Cloud catalog
  • Full administrative control over the standard certified Cloud Foundry platform
  • Integration with the full catalog of IBM Cloud services
  • Availability in many IBM Cloud regions for meeting geo-specific privacy concerns
  • The ability to run all Cloud Foundry application workloads on an infrastructure provisioned in the customer’s IBM Cloud account
  • Access to a one-stop-shop with the PaaS platform, underlying infrastructure, invoicing, and support

A new architecture for hosting Cloud Foundry

IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment uniquely unites two powerhouse open-source projects: Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. The enthusiastic adoption of Kubernetes in the cloud market merited a closer look at how customers could leverage both platforms (one focused on applications and the other focused on containers as the primary units of business function) to build coherent cloud solutions.

The IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment offering has taken this approach by using the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service to host the Cloud Foundry PaaS environment in order to provide rapid deployment and management. Since these are both available to customers in the IBM Cloud, Enterprise customers have the ability to easily build complete cloud-native business solutions by deploying parts to Cloud Foundry as well as Kubernetes. Together, these two projects provide organizations what they need most—rapid solution development with the flexibility to configure the hosting and control of their combined Cloud platform wherever and whenever needed.

As explained by Don Boulia, GM for IBM Cloud Developer Services, at the announcement at the 2018 Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston:

“We are bringing the combined strengths of Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes into a secure, isolated cloud environment. This eliminates the need for developers to choose between these two traditionally separate cloud development technologies and joins together the strengths of both in a way that gives developers complete control of where their data is living and who can access it.”

Tammy Van Hove, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Director of Cloud Foundry services in IBM Cloud, expanded on the idea of isolation and its critical role in application deployment:

“IBM is delivering Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment as a service in the IBM Cloud. Clients can readily self-provision a secure, fully isolated, application development platform which provides the flexibility and control needed to rapidly deliver cloud-native applications. IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment offers the familiarity of the Cloud Foundry PaaS experience and allows customers full administrative control of the environment as well as seamless access to the IBM Cloud catalog of services.”

IBM Cloud Foundry offerings

Prior to this service, IBM Cloud has offered Cloud Foundry PaaS capabilities in three distinct models:

  • IBM Cloud Foundry Public: Run cloud-native applications using Cloud Foundry for simple stand-up and powerful scaling and traffic management. Consumption is metered by the hour and is based on usage.
  • IBM Cloud Foundry Dedicated: A hardware-isolated Cloud Foundry environment, managed by IBM, with limited administrative access for customers. This is provisioned by an IBM Cloud deployment engagement following an order made through a sales representative.
  • IBM Cloud Foundry Private: A Cloud Foundry platform that runs in your data center on your infrastructure alongside the core IBM Cloud Private Kubernetes offering.

IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment now joins this list as a single-tenant environment that can be rapidly self-provisioned through the IBM Cloud public console, allow full customer Cloud Foundry administrator control, and access IBM Cloud’s full catalog of over 170 services, including the amazing Watson and IoT offerings.

What does your business need?

Many lines of businesses require a rapid application development platform where they don’t need to deal with managing solution scalability, availability, and the underlying infrastructure. However, these also need to meet an ever-growing list of constraints, such as:

  • Workload isolation for performance and security
  • Specific geo-location of workloads and associated data
  • Regulatory compliance with established IT standards and processes
  • Network security

Enterprise solutions and applications that have such constraints would benefit from the IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment offering.

How to engage

When you’re ready to see the power that this offering can provide you for your critical application hosting needs, it’s waiting for your rapid self-service deployment.

Press and information

Some information about the service, the launch, and, most especially, community engagement.

IBM Cloud Offering Manager

Ananda Debnath

IBM Cloud Sr. Tech. Offering Manager

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