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Migrating from Retrieve and Rank and Document Conversion to Watson Discovery

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Saying farewell to Document Conversion and Retrieve and Rank

Watson DiscoveryIn October of 2017, we announced the retirement of the Watson Document Conversion (DCS) and Watson Retrieve and Rank (R&R) services. Watson Discovery includes all the key features of DCS and R&R as well as a host of new capabilities, such as simpler setup, reduced training complexity, advanced AI for information retrieval, and increased scale for large datasets.

As of October 3, 2018, Watson Document Conversion and Watson Retrieve and Rank will be officially retired.

Why is Watson Discovery the recommended migration path?

Watson Discovery is a cloud-native insight engine that supports core functionality from R&R and DCS. This includes conversion from PDF/Word/HTML, keyword search, natural language search, machine-learning enhanced relevance, and web-based tooling. It also includes new capabilities like advanced AI for information retrieval, simple and automated data ingestion, reduced training complexity, an updated and robust query interface, and increased scale for large datasets. It supports R&R information retrieval use cases, and its new AI features can enable new applications beyond what was possible before. Click here for the top five reasons to switch from Retrieve and Rank to Discovery.

What happens on October 3?

On October 3, 2018, all existing instances of Retrieve and Rank and Document Conversion services will be deleted. The services will no longer be supported by IBM.

How do I switch from Retrieve and Rank?

To migrate, simply move your documents and training data from your Retrieve and Rank indices into Discovery. You can find a detailed migration guide, a tutorial that walks you through the migration process, and several migration tools to make the switch from R&R to Watson Discovery as smooth as possible. Should you wish for assistance during migration, we invite you to engage our Expert Services team. If you have any questions related to the migration, ask us on our forum.

We thank for your use of R&R and DCS and hope you will soon take advantage of the new capabilities that Watson Discovery offers.

GTM Lead Offering Manager, Watson Discovery Portfolio

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