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Take the Day Off: Celebrating Labor Day with Kubernetes on the Job

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Relax this Labor Day—Kubernetes has your back

For those of you in the United States, the end of summer comes with the Labor Day holiday. But in the DevOps world, it’s daunting to think about holidays, vacations, and any time away from the keyboard. You never know when you’ll be asked to perform system maintenance, routine upgrades, or even emergency scaling to add more capacity.

This year, you can take Labor Day off, confident that IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service will be there for you.

Self-healing while you’re getting a tan

Natively, Kubernetes is self-healing container orchestration platform that will detect failures from your pods and redeploy that workload. IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service is a self-healing cluster management platform that will automatically recover a failed worker node within your cluster. The entire stack will take care of itself while you enjoy some much needed time off!

Available when you’re not

Even when you’re not on the clock, your apps need to be available. Luckily, the Kubernetes Service allows you to pick the amount of availability applicable to your needs with a variety of options:

  • Single zone clusters allow you to run a Kubernetes cluster completely within the geography required to meet your requirements.
  • Multizone clusters simplify the operational burden by deploying Kubernetes worker nodes in different data centers (availability zones) within the same IBM Cloud region.
  • Deploy clusters in multiple IBM Cloud regions to further improve availability while using a GLB (Global Load Balancer) to automatically distribute incoming requests.

IBM manages Kubernetes while you enjoy an ice cream

While you’re enjoying your day off (maybe that’s with ice cream, it’s certainly one of my favorites), IBM manages the underlying Kubernetes service; a variety of open-source projects including the engine, Prometheus, Fluentd, Calico, and the infrastructure.

For example, you don’t have to continuously worry about the hardware health nor about your worker nodes’ security settings. IBM’s got all this (and more) covered.

Proactive, not reactive

Observability is a key ingredient in your confidence to take a day off. With tools like Istio, you have insight into how your microservices are interacting with one another. That insight lets you be proactive during your regular work hours instead of reacting to surprises during a holiday. With v1.0, you have the confidence to run Istio in production, providing a flexible model to enforce authorization policies and collect telemetry for the services in your mesh. Istio was initially launched by IBM, Google, and Lyft.

Well rested and ready to go

No matter whether you are taking a day off this week, you’ll be more confident about your apps when they’re hosted in IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. That confidence lets you focus on the business logic and innovation for your organization’s needs. More importantly, you also get a good night’s rest every day, and maybe sleep in from time to time!

Side note: If you’re familiar with May Day or International Workers’ Day, then Labor Day will be a familiar concept. In the States, the holiday is also associated with large retail sales events. So, workloads for e-commerce sites will be especially active.

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