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Intel Skylake Bare Metal Servers Certified to Support SAP HANA Workloads

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You asked, we delivered

We’re always listening to our customer’s needs, and we hear that there is a need for server flexibility to fit various workloads. Let’s take a quick look back. When we launched our first SAP HANA-certified servers in January 2017, customers were excited but said they needed bigger boxes. So in August 2017, we launched our next generation boxes, featuring up to eight sockets and 8 TB of RAM. While the largest customers were happy, some told us that they wanted an enterprise-class server, certified to support SAP HANA that targeted smaller database sizes. And we’re now delivering that to you.

SAP-certified bare metal configuration releases

IBM Cloud recently released three new SAP-certified bare metal configurations based on the Intel Skylake processor (see table below). All three configurations are fully certified by SAP for all production and non-production SAP HANA workloads.

Server Name Processor RAM
BI.S3.H2192 2x Intel Skylake SP 6140 192 GB
BI.S3.H2384 2x Intel Skylake SP 6140 384 GB
BI.S3.H2768 2x Intel Skylake SP 6140 768 GB

Available worldwide in all 57 IBM Cloud data centers, the new servers are configured to not just meet, but exceed the most stringent KPIs established by SAP. The servers can run the full SAP HANA product suite–from S/4, to BW/4, to Suite on HANA.

With Intel Skylake servers, you get the same bare metal power, the same control, the same flexibility, and the same inherent security that you’ve come to trust from IBM Cloud. And, it’s all available in a cost- and RAM-optimized package that’s perfect for OLAP or OLTP workloads at smaller database sizes.

Special promotional offer

To celebrate this milestone, IBM Cloud is showing our commitment to you with a special promotional offer:

Despite having a rich history in groundbreaking technological innovation and a market-leading position in machine learning and artificial intelligence, IBM wants you to know that our commitment to you is our most important feature. We will always strive to make the partnership that the Fortune 2000 knows IBM best for: we’re available to every company on the planet.

So, no matter your company type, your database size, or your location on the globe, you can trust that IBM Cloud is the cloud for your business.

Offering Manager, IBM Cloud for SAP

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