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Digital Realty and IBM Cloud Direct Link: Built for Enterprise Cloud

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A new collaboration between IBM Cloud Direct Link and Digital Realty

Now more than ever, it is crucial that enterprises keep up with next-generation technologies (such as AI, blockchain, and more) while securing critical workloads and data without sacrificing their network performance.

With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce that IBM Cloud Direct Link and Digital Realty have collaborated to deliver global, low-latency, and high-performance colocation and hybrid cloud solutions that empower our enterprise customers. We’re unveiling an all-new, extended suite of integrated services that will provide dedicated connectivity to IBM Cloud in 15 major metropolitan areas, further solidifying IBM’s expanding global footprint.

Why Digital Realty and IBM Cloud?

Digital Realty offers a robust, always available, and scalable colocation and interconnectivity environment to facilitate the delivery of high-quality, reliable services at a global scale. Digital Realty data centers are isolated locations with independent power and cooling and network infrastructures that reside in regions around the globe.

For customers with latency-sensitive applications wanting to connect to the IBM Cloud, we offer our Direct Link Dedicated Hosting offering that lets customers establish redundant, high-speed, physical cross-connections into our private network and a Digital Realty co-located facility while avoiding exposure to the public Internet.

IBM and Digital Realty have a shared vision to offer customers access to enterprise-grade compute, storage, and network infrastructure, enabling hybrid connectivity. As an added benefit when moving up the stack, customers can more easily adopt and leverage disruptive cloud platform services with Digital Realty’s future-proof infrastructure and always-on architecture.

Introducing Direct Link Connect and Service Exchange

In addition, we’re pleased to announce a new integration between Digital Realty’s Service Exchange offering and IBM Cloud Direct Link. Service Exchange provides rapid connections via Digital Realty, which uses a single interface to connect enterprises to IBM Cloud and other top providers across 20 Digital Realty markets and four continents. Enterprises can now easily manage their physical and virtual connections from a single Port, with on-demand provisioning and rapid reporting.

Digital Realty is also the first leading data center provider to offer the Direct Link Connect service in addition to joining our Direct Link Service Provider Program. Our Direct Link Connect solution complements our collaboration with Digital Realty, enabling IBM customers to provision a virtual cross connection over the private Internet with more scalable and granular speeds, providing greater efficiency to support hybrid and multi-cloud workloads.

Learn more about this collaboration

We look forward to helping enterprise customers usher in the era of next-generation technologies with secure and global connections. To learn more about the IBM Cloud Direct Link and Digital Realty collaboration, we invite you to visit our IBM and Digital Realty partner page.

Offering Manager, IBM Cloud Direct Link

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