Jumpstart your move to IBM Cloud with Mass Data Migration

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IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration is the newest addition to the IBM Data Transfer Portfolio offering a fast, simple, secure way to physically transport terabytes to petabytes of data to the IBM Cloud. An alternative to over-the-network options, Mass Data Migration enables clients to use one or multiple devices to accommodate any size workload, overcome common data transfer challenges, and get their data where they really want it – all in a single service.

Each fifty-five-pound Mass Data Migration storage device on wheels offers 120TB usable capacity, inline data compression, and end-to-end security including industry standard AES 256-bit encryption to ensure maximum efficiency and peace of mind while migrating.

A self-service offering by design, IBM ships a pre-configured device to the client for data ingestion and the client ships it back to IBM for offload into IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS). While Mass Data Migration only offloads to COS, the service is not limited to COS-only clients. Mass Data Migration can be used by any customer as a gateway into the IBM Cloud. Once data is offloaded to a client’s COS bucket, clients or client teams can immediately move their data from COS to the IBM Cloud application of their choice.

Mass Data Migration use cases:

With superior hardware and technology, Mass Data Migration helps overcome common data transfer challenges including high costs, long transfer times, and security concerns. Whether it’s to free-up on-prem storage space, decommission data centers, or simply pursue a gateway into the IBM Cloud, both commercial- and enterprise-level clients in every industry are attracted to the service.

Gateway to the IBM Cloud:

  • Who: Large Sporting Goods Retailer
  • What: Moved 38TB of on-premises data to BigInsights
  • Challenge: Customer wanted an efficient way to free-up on-premises storage space.
  • Solution: Using Mass Data Migration, the company was able to quickly and reliably offload on-premises storage to IBM Cloud Object Storage. Once there, they could perform analytics and derive actionable insights for their business strategy.

Boutique Use Case:

  • Who: Large Cosmetics Retailer
  • Challenge: The Client needed to consolidate 299TB of data as they decommissioned 10 data centers in 8 different EU countries and deployed in a single private cloud environment in an IBM SO data center in France.
  • Solution: The Mass Data Migration team privately negotiated a contract accommodating all of the Client’s needs for a complex, months-long migration including two dedicated devices to ensure zero delay between migrations and a seamless experience.

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration is a versatile data transfer solution allowing clients of any size or industry to move large amounts of data to the IBM Cloud in days – securely and affordably. Mass Data Migration is currently generally available in both the US and EU with additional geographic expansion underway. Please contact your IBM Sales Representative to inquire about “one-off” support* if you are interested in using the service in the following locations: Japan, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Norway, and Mexico.

*Note: One-off support and approval is limited and offered on a case-by-case basis.

Learn More:

Visit the Mass Data Migration Product page or FAQs page for all details on the features and capabilities this solution can bring to your cloud storage.

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Associate Offering Manager, Cloud Storage

Ryan Hawkins

Offering Manager, IBM Cloud storage - MDMS & DTS

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