Preserve Critical Data with Multi-Vaulting and IBM Cloud Backup

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Data and application owners need to trust that their data is preserved and can be recovered in the event of a problem. These days, most large organizations have data they can’t lose, in any type of disaster, which means that cloud solutions need that can be matched to the data.

Multi-site data replication supports fail-over scenarios, in which applications continue to run in the event of an outage in its primary cloud zone or customer data center. However, if servers need to be reconstructed after complex events, such as a cyberattack or accidental data deletion, you want the option to recover specific backup data from a known point in time.

Multi-vault solutions

Multi-vault backup solutions mirror backup data, much like clustered systems mirror production data. The benefit is the ability to recover backup data from more than one facility. This means data and applications can be recovered even if the production cluster and primary backup facility are unavailable.

Business use cases for multi-vault backups include:

  • Always-on applications
  • Global applications
  • Trade secrets and other “corporate jewel” business records
  • Data that must be preserved for regulatory compliance or court-ordered records retention

The IBM solution – IBM Cloud Backup

Many customers I meet don’t know that IBM Cloud can be used for workloads that need multi-vaulting backup services. Multi-vault capabilities were recently added to the IBM Cloud Disk to Disk Enterprise Backup add-on for IBM Cloud virtual and bare metal servers. It’s time we all spread the word. Learn more about IBM Cloud Backup.

IBM Cloud Backup provides reliable differential backups with sibrowser-based based management. If your customers use IBM Cloud virtual or bare metal servers, they probably use the IBM Cloud Backup option to back up their server storage. IBM Cloud Backup multi-vault also has the same user interface and data encryption model, so it’s easy to adopt.

IBM Cloud multi-vault backup process flow using IBM Cloud Disk to Disk Enterprise Backup

Multi-vault backups are an easy way to expand your IBM Cloud infrastructure footprints, and deliver more of what your customers want. The capability enables two important backup use cases:

  • Backup from a single source to multiple physical locations. This use case enables data to be restored from backup, even if the primary backup facility is unavailable.
  • Select backup storage locations when configuring backup services. This use case enables backup data to stay within certain geographic areas, to meet data privacy requirements.

Multi-vault backups are an easy way to expand your IBM Cloud infrastructure footprints, and deliver more of what your customers want.

Try IBM Cloud Backup for a limited time – at no cost

IBM Cloud wants to help jumpstart your backup plans. For a limited time, we’re offering 100GB of IBM Cloud Backup Storage, cost-free for up to two months – in any IBM Cloud data center around the world. You can provision a new bare metal server or virtual server instance and add 100GB of IBM Cloud Backup or upgrade your existing server with the IBM Cloud Backup promotion. Just choose the storage add-on IBM Cloud Backup when provisioning, and enter PROMO CODE EV2MO100 at checkout.

IBM Cloud Backup Storage Offer Details:
Offer ends December 31, 2018. Promo offer valid for signup while supplies last. Upon signup, promo offer is valid for up to two months from the start date of the customer’s IBM Cloud account. Customer will accrue standard billing charges if not canceled after two months. Valid for new customers on new backup storage only, and cannot be applied to existing customer discounts. To ensure a successful ordering process, the customer must provision 100GB of IBM Cloud Backup storage for their IBM Cloud bare metal server or virtual server instance, and enter promo code EV2MO100 into the final order form. Invoice credit will be instantly applied and shown on the final customer bill.

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