Meet the IBM Cloud Garage Method experts at Think 2018

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Last week’s blog post Join us in the IBM Cloud Garage at Think 2018 highlighted dozens of sessions from the IBM Cloud Garage consultancy of cloud architects and solution engineers that you’ll want to remember when planning your agenda. In this blog post, I’ll introduce four of my colleages from our team on the IBM Cloud Garage Method. They will be on the staff supporting the Think 2018 conference as presenters, lab leaders, and “Ask Me Anything” experts.

Look for them and ask them about the updated Garage Method Field Guide and two new Guides! They’ll have nicely bound printed handbooks (I’ve included a short introduction for each guide below as a teaser).

Behind the Garage Method

Look for the friendly faces of the Garage Method team! When they’re not running design sessions or answering questions as expert panelists, they’ll be hanging out in the Cloud and Data Campus. Bring your questions and don’t forget to ask for a signed guide from the Garage Method. 🙂

Susan LaFera Susan LeFera, Program Director for IBM Cloud Garage Method

Susan has been a manager and content architect at IBM for many years. Susan believes that self-organizing teams are best for critical, time-crunched projects! Everyone is vested and you have the right mix of diverse talent on the team. She is a mother of two grown young men and, in her spare time, she enjoys managing her furniture store BeyondBlue Interiors, running, and traveling with her family.

Chris Lazzaro Chris Lazzaro, Lead Architect for IBM Cloud Garage Method

Chris Lazzaro is the lead architect of the IBM Cloud Garage Method helping customers innovate using the Garage’s best practices. Building tools that enable developer productivity and operational excellence on IBM Cloud, he strives to enable customers to make the digital transformation to the cloud with DevOps tools, standards, practices, and the ecosystem needed to innovate faster than their competition. Meet him at the workshop Apply DevOps Transformation with IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery and Garage Method and roundtable discussion Transformation Takes Commitment: Keeping on the Path.

Kim Gajda Kim Gajda, Site Content Lead for IBM Cloud Garage Method

Kim enjoys leading and managing complex projects that are on the bleeding edge. She is the site content lead and scrum master for the Garage Method website,, which defines a development methodology, reference architectures, and tools that can help customers transform their business so they can be agile, deliver continuously, and create a culture that allows teams to enjoy what they do. She enjoys finding ways to streamline work and remove obstacles so that a team can work to continuously deliver high-quality code and content. Meet Kim at the DevOps Expert Bar session Is Your Software Development Environment a Competitive Advantage?

Leonardo Demo Leo Demo, Lead Developer for IBM Cloud Garage Method

Leonardo is a software engineer and development lead for the Garage Method’s infrastructure team. He’s is passionate about agile methodologies, DevOps, and automation. For the past few years, he has been working on different Cloud SaaS offerings and enabling local teams to continuously integrate and deliver high quality code, using Agile and DevOps practices. Meet him at the workshop Apply DevOps Transformation with IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery and Garage Method.

Updated and New Field Guides

Almost two years ago, the IBM Cloud Garage Method Field Guide introduced the Garage’s methodology in a handy format. The original guide is quite popular! With the Think 2018 conference just around the corner, the timing was perfect for an update and two new guides in a similar reader-friendly format. All three guides will be available in an attractive printed format for the conference and as a PDF download after the conference.

Garage Method Field Guide

IBM Cloud Garage Method Field Guide The IBM Cloud Garage Method Field Guide documents IBM’s approach to enable business, development, and operations to continuously design, deliver, and validate new function. The Garage Method’s practices, toolchains and architectures are fundamental to transforming the entire product lifecycle.

  • Practices. Each practice defines an overall business transformation goal and presents achievable activities that you and your team can do to reach that goal.
  • Tools and toolchains. A toolchain is a set of tool integrations that supports development, deployment, and operations tasks. The collective power of a toolchain is greater than the sum of its individual tool integrations. The tools in the method are used by teams at IBM and IBM clients on their transformation journeys.
  • Architectures. Architectures provide a structure that you can use to integrate cloud services into your solutions. Each architecture includes speci c implementations that you can use and customize.

The practices, architectures, and toolchains cover the entire product lifecycle from inception through capturing and responding to customer feedback and market changes. This updated guide addresses practices divided into seven phases: Culture, Think, Code, Deliver, Run, Manage, and Learn.


Application Modernization Field Guide

IBM Application Modernization Field Guide Business pressures demand faster time to market and app modernization. Your existing estate determines the best approach to modernization. Containers, Kubernetes, and microservices are proven to deliver speed and simplicity, and are being adopted rapidly. IBM can make this easy for you and bring immediate benefits:

  • Accelerate digital transformation. App modernization is driven by the need to transform business to build new capabilities and deliver them quickly.
  • Improve developer productivity. Enabling self service for developers through adoption of cloud native and containerization.
  • Improve operational efficiency and standardization. DevOps enablement drives a culture of automation and transformation of operations.

Rewriting your entire estate is a pipe dream. Modernization comes in many flavors. IBM’s skills and experience in middleware provide unique insights and approaches to modernize your existing estate with speed, confidence, and reduced risk. View your development investments as an asset, not a liability.

Refactor what’s necessary, but don’t necessarily refactor.


Data and Analytics Strategy Field Guide

IBM Data And Analytics Strategy Field Guide Businesses need to move rapidly. Data and the related analytics are key to differentiation, but traditional approaches are often difficult and brittle. This can result in delays, business challenges, lost opportunities, and the rise of unauthorized projects. The IBM Data and Analytics Strategy Field Guide documents a strategy to connect your business plan and outcomes to your data and analytics requirements. We can help you develop the roadmap to quickly achieve success. It starts with these principles:

  • Make data simple and accessible. Collect your data, no matter where it lives, achieving freedom from ever-changing data sources.
  • Build a trusted analytics foundation. Organize your data into a trusted, secure, business-aligned source of truth.
  • Scale insights on demand. Analyze data in smarter ways to make decisions informed by evidence-based insights.

This field guide provides a high-level overview of IBM’s data and analytics approach, called the IBM DataFirst Method.

Let’s think together

Join us at think 2018 by using the promo code TK18COM for $300 off registration. Susan, Chris, Kim, and Leonardo look forward to seeing you at Think 2018!


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