From Concept to Multi-Tenancy in Hours with Zerto on IBM Cloud

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Recently, we were having a routine call with one of our partners, a managed services company, based out of the United Kingdom. During the dying minutes of the call, the partner inquisitively inquired about a multi-tenant solution because it would open up another avenue for potential customers. Their current customers are beginning to understand the importance of possessing a disaster recovery plan, but do not want to pay for dedicated infrastructure.

Lightbulbs sparked, and smiles gleaned, as we began explaining Zerto’s multi-tenant capabilities, and how we could leverage IBM Cloud to provide a DRAAS environment for their customers. We extended the call and walked them through the installation that required us to download, Zerto Cloud Manager (ZCM), which is included within Zerto’s license in IBM Cloud. We connected the ZCM to their existing Zerto Virtual Manager – the Zerto Console – within minutes. Once the environments were aligned, we demonstrated how to create Zerto Organizations (ZORGs), where they could begin assigning virtual compute, networking, and storage resources to individual customers.

Two days later, we followed up with the partner to ensure that their environment was running smoothly, and they were skillfully protecting replicated VMs from several customers. They assigned ZORGs with the necessary virtual resources to the individual customers without issue or additional help from the IBM or Zerto team!

Understanding the vitality of uptime, in our 24/7/365 world, Business Continuity and IT Resiliency is essential. Downtime causes potential revenue loss, consumer confidence and reputation damage; companies need a way to avoid this threat. Zerto on IBM Cloud mitigates downtime by possessing recovery point objectives (RPO) measured in seconds and recovery time objectives (RTO) measured in minutes. Therefore, utilizing Zerto on IBM Cloud to create a multi-tenant DRAAS environment helps ensure that companies can achieve industry-leading RPOs and RTOs times while being able to leverage IBM’s global data center footprint!

Within a couple of clicks, partners will be able to access to global, native VMware environment with industry-leading RPO and RTO times!

Ready to learn more about Zerto on IBM Cloud? Check out our Zerto on IBM Cloud solutions page, click here!

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