Happy Birthday Watson Discovery

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Watson Discovery Turns OneWatson Discovery is one year old! We are proud of how Discovery has evolved over the last year, now serving as a powerful insight engine on IBM Cloud. We released several milestone features over the year including passage retrieval, relevancy training, anomaly detection, semantic match, cross-collection federation while improving our tooling user experience, language support, deployment options. I wanted to catch you up on the latest capabilities that were recently launched and encourage you to try these over the holidays or in the New Year.

Element Classification in Discovery

If you are looking for an insight engine to help parse governing documents (such as contracts and regulations), try our newest enrichment Element Classification. This extracts relevant sentence-level elements with a party (who it refers to), nature (type of action or information), and category (domain-specific class) label. Under the hood, the feature uses trained models for Procurement Contracts and Financial Services Regulations.

Visual Insights Experimental

Ever wondered how to visualize the data within your insight engine? Try Visual Insights (Experimental UI) to bring your data to life by visually exploring connections powered by Watson Discovery’s understanding of your data. This includes semantic elements such as entities mentioned, relationships, concepts, and more. You can explore documents in collection in a graph visualization or navigate to a topic/entity of interest in a tag-cloud view. If you don’t have a dataset, try it on our news collection!

Knowledge Graph Beta

We have Knowledge Graph (Beta) now within Discovery. You can automate at scale the creation of a comprehensive custom knowledge graph of your unstructured data. Knowledge graph goes beyond just data retrieval by making connections within your data across documents, extracting and disambiguating entities and relationships and using sophisticated relevancy ranking techniques to return the best results.

Language Support & Deployment

Finally, language support and deployment just got more powerful. We fully support Spanish and Korean now as well as offer basic support for Chinese and Dutch. Premium deployments are now available in EU! Check out our complete list of supported languages.

How about a New Year Goal?

If you are new to Watson Discovery and are looking to jumpstart your cognitive skills with a new AI product, watch the replay of our technical introduction webinar to get started! New users can sign up for our free forever lite plan to test drive Discovery.

We would love to hear back from you as you try the new features within Discovery. Reach out with questions on our forum or request a feature or enhancement on our ideas portal.


GTM Lead Offering Manager, Watson Discovery Portfolio

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