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Opening the Compose API on the IBM Cloud

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The IBM Cloud Compose API now offers a REST endpoint for managing each IBM Cloud Compose deployment. Applications can now administer database settings from scaling to backups and beyond.

The Compose API on the IBM Cloud

You can now use the Compose API to manage your IBM Cloud Compose databases. The new API is a carefully crafted selection of REST endpoints from the original Compose API. These endpoints are skillfully blended with IBM Cloud’s concepts of service instances to bring the power of Compose’s API to your database deployments.

In the most recent Compose console update, for each database, there is now a unique REST endpoint. The main overview page now shows that endpoint as what we call the foundation endpoint.

The foundation endpoint can be combined with Compose API calls. These calls offer the ability to get:

  • details
  • alerts
  • available backups
  • recipes
  • scaling data
  • upgrade options
  • whitelisted IP addresses

These allow developers to build complete reports automatically on the status of the Compose databases under their control.

The same combination of foundation endpoint and Compose API endpoints also enables developers to:

  • start on-demand backups
  • update admin passwords
  • set new scaling levels
  • add and remove whitelist IP addresses
  • start an upgrade
  • change notes and billing codes

This opens the way for customers to automate their management of their databases.

You can also find the foundation endpoint and other API information in the VCAP for any IBM Cloud native applications.

New VCAP endpoint information

This lets your applications take control of the databases they are bound to. Please note that the IBM Cloud Compose API is specifically for managing existing databases. If you want to create new Compose database services on IBM Cloud, use the IBM Cloud bx commands or use equivalent REST APIs.

Consult The IBM Cloud Compose API for detailed documentation on how to create, use and work with foundation endpoints and the Compose API including links to all the available endpoints.


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