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Securely discover, catalog, and govern your enterprise data with IBM Data Catalog

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New service lets you extract full value from your data lakes

If you are like most data scientists, up to 80% of your time is spent looking for and preparing data instead of performing analysis. Worse yet, you often don’t know about, or aren’t able to locate and access the data that you really need. So, you end up making recommendations based on incomplete data.

Speaking of data, Gartner predicts that 90 percent of data lakes deployed now will be overwhelmed with data by 2018 and rendered useless – further complicating the data discovery and analysis that data scientists depend on.

To help you overcome these problems we have built for you IBM Watson Data Platform, a platform designed to make data discoverable and accessible to data professionals around the world. Central to this is our new IBM Data Catalog offering, which enables companies to build a 360 view of all information, making data accessible for self-service analytics and data science initiatives.

Get more value from your data lakes

With Data Catalog, you will be able to extract the full value from your data lakes and data warehouses by augmenting those systems with an intelligent metadata catalog. This catalog provides context around all of your data and allows you to build a complete view of all information assets — whether inside your firewall, on the cloud or locked away on an employee’s desktop

The Watson Data Platform team is excited to announce the launch of the Data Catalog. The team has been working hard behind closed doors with private beta clients to refine the features and ensure the delivery of a next-generation data catalog experience. With Data Catalog, you can now open up data for self-service. This allows data scientists, business analysts and knowledge workers to quickly find information and pull it into their tools in order to drive productive use and meaningful outcomes.

Intelligent data discovery and governance

Data Catalog includes an intelligent mechanism to discover and provide context to data. It automatically classifies data so you can understand where your sensitive and personal data is stored with links to business-level definitions. Data governance teams can build policies, rules and have these rules automatically enforced to stop misuse or minimize risk of exposure. A business-friendly interface provides an enterprise-grade portal for data shopping. This is integrated with the Watson Data Platform fabric to allow a seamless transition from ‘finding’ to ‘using’ the information across your business.

Check out our latest blog posts to learn more about how you can unlock the untapped potential of your data to make your data scientists and business analysts more effective.

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