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Are you speaking to the right audience?

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The success of any social media advertising campaign ultimately depends on its relevance to the target audience. Caveat — how do you zero in on the optimal users for your content?

For starters, focus on usage patterns and purchase intent instead of relying solely on demographics.

Leads Origins was formed because we saw far too many brands and organizations falling into this trap and failing to effectively engage with customers through social media channels.  In particular, Twitter had a notable discrepancy between the number of active users and the ROI for advertisers on the platform.

We envisioned a first-of-its-kind analytics solution designed to help organizations identify social media users most likely to be receptive to their content. To bring our offering to market as a small startup business, we needed to team with a global technology leader.

Joining the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program gave us access to cloud infrastructure services, advanced cognitive technology, and support needed to create and launch our platform.

We developed our solution in a matter of months, working in an IBM Cloud environment and tapping into cognitive services from the IBM Watson Developer Cloud portfolio.

Today, we help a wide range of organizations boost the performance of their social media advertising efforts.

  • Our customers typically increase click through rates by at least 500 percent and improve overall engagement by at least 1,000 percent, on average.

Focusing on Higher Education

Although we work with companies across the financial, IT, media and professional services sectors, the ROI is often the most striking for our customers in higher education. Here, every successful connection can lead to a high-value recruitment.

For example, one of the world’s most prestigious business schools was struggling to engage with prospective students in the Middle East through social media platforms. Our tool analyzed a list of promising leads from the school’s marketing channels and created a target audience for the client’s next social media campaign. The result? A greater response from prospective students in the targeted region copmared to all other channels in the previous year, in just a few weeks.

Looking to the Future

It’s exciting to see the concrete results our platform delivers for our customers. Teaming with IBM means our offering can continue to change evolve alongside social media channels.

We’re always thinking about what’s next in the social media landscape. Using the tools and support from IBM, we can keep innovating and developing to help our customers thrive.

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