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Get a glimpse into the future of our network infrastructure with three new capabilities

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If you’re an application developer or a DevOps professional, chances are you want your apps up and running right away. Moreover, you don’t want to be burdened with the time and complexity involved in setting up the underlying network and security. This is why IBM Cloud is an essential choice for building your applications.

Our network infrastructure services offered on IBM Cloud are another example of how we’re making use of cloud native services to deliver a significantly improved user experience. As part of an overall initiative to build out state-of-the-art “as-a-Service” capabilities, we recently delivered significant new enhancements to our network services portfolio, including:

These new capabilities provide a glimpse into the future of our network infrastructure. We’re embracing new, cloud-native network services in addition to our traditional appliance-centric model. Our latest network as-a-service offerings—security groups, load balancer, and CDN—are simple to configure, easy to manage. They deliver high security, resiliency, and performance—with worldwide availability across our global private network backbone.

We know some organizations prefer appliances in their cloud environment for absolute control and compliance needs. We’re also adding the FortiGate Security Appliance 10Gbps to our line-up, IBM’s physical, next-generation, enterprise-class firewall. This security device provides a reliable, powerful, and consolidated way to manage and control your network, with high throughput capacity of up to 10Gbps.

Our new network infrastructure services put the power of IBM Cloud in your hands. You can now set up a new web or mobile application in a matter of few clicks.

You can find documentation for our latest cloud network services here:

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