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Kick up your compute power with three new virtual server enhancements

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We’re excited to announce three new compute capabilities that work together to give IBM Cloud clients faster virtual server provisioning, greater virtual server placement control, and greater ease-of-use. Introducing:

  • Public virtual server families: Pre-defined virtual server configurations for faster, easier usability
  • Cloud-Init: Extensive access to industry standard data sets and tools for even faster virtual server provisioning times
  • Dedicated host: Virtual servers, complete and precise host placement control

Public virtual server families

IBM Cloud is transitioning its public virtual server offerings in Bluemix from user-defined core and RAM virtual server configurations to a suite of fixed core and RAM virtual server flavors. Enterprises today demand greater ease of use—especially for the public cloud. To address this need, Bluemix will offer a broad spectrum of public virtual server flavors that handle virtually all workloads used by clients today. With this enhancement, customers will see both an improved selection process for choosing virtual server configurations and significantly lower provisioning times as well. In addition, customers will see up to 30 percent in cost savings over similarly configured custom virtual servers.

When selecting pre-defined virtual server flavors, customers can to choose from four distinct public virtual server families to meet their workload needs:

  • Balanced
  • Balanced local storage
  • Compute
  • Memory

See all public virtual server flavors and pricing.

IBM Cloud-Init

IBM Cloud-Init is the industry standard for bootstrapping cloud servers. With IBM Cloud-Init, enterprises experience faster virtual server provisioning—in fact, provisioning times are improved 3x to 4x over non-Cloud-Init environments (for Windows users). In addition, customers have the ability to bring their own virtual server images as properties of Cloud-Init to make virtual server creation even easier.

Cloud-Init is a set of scripts and utilities that handle early initialization of a virtual server. Each virtual server image starts out with a hypervisor and an operating system. It’s the user data that gives every cloud instance its unique personality, and Cloud-Init is the tool that applies user data to your virtual servers automatically. While Cloud-Init was started originally to support Ubuntu only, it’s now available for most major Linux and Windows operating systems.

For IBM Cloud-Init, the following operating systems are supported:

  • Ubuntu 14 and 16
  • CentOS 6 and 7
  • Windows 2012 and 2012 R2 (2016)
  • Debian7 and 8
  • CoreOS

For more information on Cloud-Init, visit our KnowledgeLayer article. To order your Cloud-Init enabled virtual server, visit our virtual server ordering page.

Dedicated hosts

Dedicated hosts are now available to provide enterprises with more precise placement control over their cloud workloads. A dedicated host is a physical server with workload capacity entirely dedicated to a single client’s use (learn more from this blog post).

The introduction of this offering enhances IBM Cloud’s existing suite of virtual server offerings in Bluemix and is ideal for enterprises transitioning to a public cloud environment that require exact control and visibility into where their data and workloads reside to meet compliance or security needs.

The introduction of dedicated hosts takes current single-tenant virtual server offerings a step further by providing clients with complete control over how each of their virtual servers are provisioned on a dedicated host. Additionally, clients can select where their dedicated host is located within an IBM Cloud data center. This level of control lets clients in heavily regulated industries overcome barriers to cloud adoption. For example, clients in the health care industry may require precise information about where data is stored so that they can meet their compliance standards. With dedicated hosts, clients can provide auditors with more precise information on how and where their workloads are running.

Dedicated hosts are now available to order monthly or hourly in the IBM Bluemix catalog in the following configuration:

Dedicated host configuration:  56 x 242 x 1.2 TB
Core (vCPU):     56
RAM (GB):        242
Local Storage (TB SSD):   1.2 TB

Customize and calculate your dedicated instances and host environment.

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