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Maximize Control with IBM Bluemix Virtual servers

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Control and cloud have not necessarily been considered mutually exclusive – this has been a fundamental pain in building applications with granular control according to our clients

“I want full control over workload placement like I have on-premises but I also want the scale of cloud.”

Conversations like workload co-location and anti-colocation come into play, where workloads require placement on the same or different underlying physical hardware.

Think about an analytics solution that is being developed. There is not just one instance of the analytics application, there are two or three. Each of which require being developed on different physical hardware requiring fine grain placement control, so in the case of one failure, the other two applications remain unaffected.

Introducing Dedicated Hosts: additional single tenant virtual server offering

Yesterday, clients chose between public and dedicated instances. Public instances are tailored for common workloads requiring scale in a multi-tenant model. Dedicated instances provide the isolation required for compliance and security in a single tenant model.

With the current dedicated instance offering, clients do not have the ability for co-location or anti-colocation of workloads on hosts. This limits the ability to precisely define where workloads are provisioned and truly understand resource utilization on single tenant deployments.

The introduction of dedicated hosts augments our existing single tenant offering, providing maximum control over workload placement. A dedicated host is a physical server with workload capacity entirely dedicated to a single client’s use. This will allow clients to select placement of hosts within our data centers and specify instance placements on those hosts.

This would be ideal for enterprises transitioning to a public cloud environment who require exact control and visibility into where their data and workloads reside to meet compliance or security needs or simply for clients that want additional capabilities to build highly available, fault tolerant applications.

The experience for dedicated hosts is inline with our existing dedicated offering, allowing for seamless provisioning for single tenant deployments across both dedicated hosts and dedicated instances.


The initial release of dedicated hosts offers the following capabilities:

  • Targeted provisioning of instances on hosts
  • Complete instance customization
  • Reservation of hosts for future provisions
  • Additional local storage, solid state drive capacity
  • Post provision control, such as offline migrations of instances between dedicated hosts
  • Host allocation transparency

With the added transparency, more granular control over where dedicated hosts are deployed will be provided. IBM Bluemix Infrastructure provides independent power failure domains within each data center, known as PODs. As dedicated hosts are provisioned, specifying PODs enable flexibility when provisioning resources in targeted locations within a data center construct.

Availability and Pricing

The initial offering for dedicated hosts will come in one configuration:

Dedicated Host Configuration Core (vCPU) RAM (GB) Local Storage (TB SSD)
56 x 242 x 1.2 56 242 1.2


Additional configurations will be made available in future releases.

Dedicated hosts will be available in limited data centers across the world – please see documentation on details of availability for dedicated hosts. Additional rollout to other data centers is targeted for future releases.

In addition to the control this offering provides, customers will still be able to maintain flexibility when needed by providing monthly and hourly billing. Any instances deployed on the host will be inclusive of the host price, so no additional charges for core, RAM, or local storage will be incurred. Please see documentation on details for complete pricing information.

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