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IBM Lift CLI beta is available for download right now

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I’m proud to announce the beta release of the IBM Lift CLI. This is a brand new offering that makes it easy to quickly, securely and reliably migrate large data sets from your on-premises database or data source to one of our cloud data properties.

Late last year, we launched the IBM Bluemix Lift service with one simple mission: help our clients migrate their data to the IBM cloud. We’ve learned a lot since then. First, charging for a data movement service introduced unnecessary friction into the migration process — even if the price was near zero. If you have data to bring into the IBM cloud, there shouldn’t be a toll. We quickly removed it. Second, our users loved the ability to import CSV files into our enterprise data warehouse, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud. But, we didn’t provide them with all the features and options to get their data sets correctly ingested. Third, the existing user model, based on the popular IBM Bluemix Data Connect offering, proved to be too complex and rigid for the needs of our database administrators (DBAs).

Above all, what our DBA friends really wanted was a simple yet extremely flexible bulk data loader, driven through a CLI, using a push-data model. In other words, they wanted a tool that they’ve been using in the on-premises world for decades. And that’s exactly what we’ve built.

The new IBM Lift CLI is light years ahead of anything that our competitors have put out. A number of key features we’re very proud of:

  • Blazing fast data movement: IBM Lift uses Aspera under the covers to move your data to the cloud more than 10x faster than traditional migration tools.
  • Resiliency: IBM Lift automatically recovers from common problems you’ll hit during the migration process, such as connection timeouts or drops.
  • Security: Any data moved over the wire to the IBM Cloud is completely secure via a 256-bit encrypted connection.
  • Flexibility: Every data migration is split into three steps: extract from source, transport over the wire, and load into target. Run these phases independently, as part of a script, or schedule with a cron job.
  • Built for the cloud: The Lift CLI behaves just like any cloud service. You’ll install the product once, and updates will stream to your install automatically.
  • Free: Yes, free is a feature. Charging to move data into our cloud doesn’t make sense. Who would do this, anyway?

So, give the new Lift CLI a go. We think you’re going to love it!


Senior Offering Manager, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, Hybrid Data Management

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