Four Reasons Serverless FaaS on the IBM Cloud is Better Than Ever

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We’ve been working hard to improve our popular serverless offering, IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk. Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) enables developers to create and run event-driven apps that scale on demand. Based on the Apache OpenWhisk Project, which provides a core underlying code base for building and deploying FaaS applications. With FaaS, team members can build apps more quickly by working on different pieces of code simultaneously, freed from the concerns around scale and infrastructure.


So what’s new?

  1.  Same code base, new name:  Going forward, in line with industry norms, IBM will refer to our FaaS offering as IBM Cloud Functions. This will simplify documentation and better distinguish our cloud service offering from the Apache OpenWhisk community effort. In fact, this change is required. It’s the normal transition that follows our contribution of OpenWhisk technology to The Apache Software Foundation. OpenWhisk is now exclusively known as “Apache OpenWhisk,” and IBM is a member of the growing open source community developing this popular open source, serverless, cloud software project. As IBM Cloud Functions evolves, our cloud users will continue to benefit from the innovations contributed by the broader open source community. This doesn’t impact in any way our commitment to the Apache OpenWhisk project — we continue to be fully committed, it’s just a name change.
  2. PHP & Swift — Expanded runtime support:  Now, thanks to a community-member contributing PHP support to Apache OpenWhisk, PHP developers have additional language choice on the IBM cloud. This adds to our growing list of runtime execution options, which now includes, Java, Swift, Node, Python, PHP and  other languages of your choice using Docker. In addition, during the last few months, IBM updated our Swift currency and now supports 3.1; we will continue to update runtime support as each programming language evolves.
  3. Now accessible through the Bluemix CLI plugin: The ‘bx wsk’ plugin makes it easier to install, upgrade, configure, login, and switch target regions, organizations, and spaces from a single place. Whether you are working in Cloud Foundry, the Container Service, or Cloud Functions, you now benefit from a consistent experience. If you want to get started using it, here’s all the information you need.
  4. Now available in London (eu-gb): We continue to roll out IBM Cloud Functions across our data centers.   Local IBM Cloud Functions developers now have improved latency and resiliency for their regional deployments along with access to additional IBM Cloud services including the popular API Gateway.
There’s more to come. If you’re new to FaaS, getting started is easy.

Bluemix OpenWhisk Development

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