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Fast video upload speed with Aspera Connect

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IBM Cloud Video has recently added an integration with Aspera Connect to its services. This allows content owners a variety of perks, including fast video upload speed. Ultimately, though, it makes uploading videos a smoother process with not just faster uploading, but doing so in an encrypted fashion and with support for bulk uploading.

Faster video uploading with this integration is achieved through Aspera’s FASP® transfer technology. This includes an adaptive transmission rate control mechanism that not only more intelligently utilizes available bandwidth, but also is engineered to not disrupt other normal processes like email or general Internet activities. As a result, it increases upload speeds without crippling normal activities.

As an IBM Cloud Video user, the Aspera Connect integration allows for larger video files to be uploaded. In fact, this allows for files up to 20 GB in size. In addition, content owners can also upload files in bulk, speeding up adding an archive worth of video content.

In addition, the file upload process is also encrypted. This includes endpoint authentication, on-the-fly data encryption and integrity verification. As a result, this protects against re-play and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) denial-of-service attacks.

Integration with Aspera Connect, which is a software that enhances the upload process, is available over Streaming Manager and Streaming Manager for Enterprise accounts.

Learn more using Aspera Connect to achieve a fast video upload speed with IBM Cloud Video.


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