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Enhanced enterprise video search for internal video

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As the size of corporate video archives are increasing, the need for enhancements to content discoverability become more pronounced. To address this, IBM Cloud Video has introduced an enhanced enterprise video search feature, allowing individuals to find relevant video content easier thanks in part to speech to text recognition capabilities from IBM Watson.

To address the simplification of asset discovery, IBM Cloud Video has introduced multiple enhancements to the video portal feature. Video portals are company run interfaces. They include both live and on-demand video content, with the ability to search and comment on assets through live chat or Q&A. As part of these improvements, search filters have been added. These allow users to search based on time criteria. For example, one can search for videos added in the last seven days, or search in a time frame such as the month of April 2017. Search filters can also be setup to only look in specific channels. Now channels are something that are customer defined. They can be based on use, such as a training channel, or based on department, such as an engineering channel or an HR channel. Multiple channels can be selected at once to search in as well.

These enhancements go beyond search filters, though, to adding more relevant context thanks to IBM Watson. This is done through Watson’s speech to text capabilities. Once enabled, after selecting a language, Watson generates a transcript for that piece of content based on what was said. This transcript can then be searched against. This aids in asset discovery as the idea is even if some information is not included in the meta data but is referenced during the video, it would still come up when people are searching. For example, if an engineering training session is built around a new feature, but heavily references an older feature, the person who enters in the meta data for it (title, description, etc) might leave out the old feature even though it’s relevant for individuals who want to learn more about it. Thankfully, with the transcript search, people can still discover this asset simply by the nature of it being spoken about during the video.

The enhanced enterprise video search is available now to IBM Cloud Video users who have Streaming Manager for Enterprise, the internal video solution for companies.

Learn more about the benefits of using an enhanced enterprise video search.

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