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Creating video playlists for external and internal video

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Content navigation is become increasingly difficult as video archives grow. IBM Cloud Video recently added enhanced enterprise video search for internal video, but efforts need to be done to make external videos, from product demos to video case studies, more discoverable. To aid in this, IBM Cloud Video has introduced video playlists, allowing content owners to create organized groups of content that can be watched as part of a series or as a classification of content.

The term playlist has been used in a number of contexts. This feature is talking about creating a playlist of content, with a video selector appearing to the right of the player. Content owners choose what assets appear as part of that playlist. For example, it might contain 9 different case studies for people to watch and select the most relevant use case for them. It could also work as a series. For example, it might be training content with 12 videos, each showing a stage or step of the process.

Content owners get to select a name for the playlist, to help add context for viewers, and choose what assets are included. The playlist can be updated at virtually any time as well, adding in new videos, changing the order of videos, removing outdated assets or changing aspects like the name of the playlist.

Once the playlist is prepped, viewers can watch it on provided, customizable channel pages or through embed codes. When embedded on a website, virtually the full experience is included, with the ability to go from one video to the next or jump to a particular video in the playlist as well.

This feature is available now over IBM Cloud Video’s Streaming Manager and Streaming Manager for Enterprise platforms Consequently, content owners can create playlists for external use cases, such as sports or marketing, or internal use cases, such as training or a series of town halls.

Learn more about how to create and edit video playlists.


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