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Bluemix Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service for Bluemix Single and Scalable Container Service Retirement

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As announced earlier in July 2017, the IBM Bluemix Container Service is transitioning over to the new Kubernetes-based architecture, and the older architecture (single containers and container groups) is retiring. Accordingly, the Bluemix Virtual Private Network (VPN) service applicable to this older container architecture will retire as well. As you migrate to the new Kubernetes-based container service to take advantage of its new capabilities, we encourage you to leverage Virtual Router Appliance (Vyatta Gateway Appliance) for your VPN needs with the new architecture.

What you need to know:
• End of Marketing: As of September 30, 2017, the Bluemix VPN service (only applicable to the older Bluemix single and scalable container service) will be removed from the IBM Bluemix Public cloud catalog and will not be orderable any more.
• End of Support: Existing users of the Bluemix VPN service (only applicable to the older Bluemix single and scalable container service) will be supported through December 5, 2017. As of December 5, 2017, the service will be shut down and any existing Bluemix VPN instances will be deleted.

What you need to do:
Prior to the End of Support date, December 5, 2017,
• As you migrate your workloads to the new Kubernetes-based IBM Bluemix Container Service, consider using Virtual Router Appliance (Vyatta Gateway Appliance) for your VPN needs with the new architecture.

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