Watson Natural Language Understanding just got Lite

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Gotta read this if you have never used Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) before or if you had signed up for NLU’s Free Plan. If you use the NLU Standard Plan, nothing changes but feel free to read on!

Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) launched earlier this year as a stand-alone Watson Service that allows developers to analyze text and extract meta-data from unstructured content such as concepts, entities, keywords, categories, sentiment, emotion, relations, semantic roles. Whether it is social media monitoring, content recommendation, or advertising optimization, NLU’s powerful natural language processing features available via simple API calls is popular and broadly adopted for advanced text analytics.

Watson NLU is now available with a Lite Plan, as part of IBM Cloud Platform’s initiative to roll out Lite Plans across Bluemix public cloud services. The NLU Lite Plan replaces NLU Free Plan and will continue to offer free forever access to NLU.

So, what’s changing with Natural Language Understanding?

  • No more trial expiration: When you sign up for the NLU Lite Plan, you are not constrained to a 30 day trial with Bluemix but can continue to use the service beyond the 30 day period, as long as you keep your NLU service active.
  • Same quota but with more flexibility: With the NLU Free Plan you could consume 1000 NLU items/day. Now, with the NLU Lite Plan, you have access to 30,000 NLU items/month with the flexibility of using that quota anytime during the month. You can easily track how many NLU items have been used within your Bluemix account at anytime,

All NLU Free Plan users will be converted automatically to the NLU Lite Plan – no action required on your part. If you are close to using up your quota in a month, you will get a notification. If you use up your quota early in the month, you will need to either upgrade to the NLU Standard Plan or wait till the beginning of the next month to start again. Finally, if you are inactive on NLU for more than 30 days, your instance will be disabled.

Check out the FAQ on Lite Plans for more information. If have any questions or comments, drop us a note.

GTM Lead Offering Manager, Watson Discovery Portfolio

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