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What’s included in the Bluemix CLI Developer Plug-in version 0.1.12

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New features and fixes in version 0.1.12 of the Bluemix CLI Developer Plug-in.

 Use of Create without a Bluemix Account

The bx dev create command now supports use without a Bluemix account.  This unauthenticated use provides access to code templates as with the authenticated use of the command.  What is different, is that an unauthenticated user will not be able to add services to the code template that is downloaded.

Enhanced OS User Support in the Container

The support for using the current user of the host operating system in the Docker tools container is enhanced to more reliably match the OS user with the container user.  These lines must be added to the tools Dockerfile and replace those detailed in the release note for version 0.1.5:

ARG bx_dev_user=root
ARG bx_dev_userid=1000

RUN BX_DEV_USER=$bx_dev_user
RUN BX_DEV_USERID=$bx_dev_userid
RUN if [ $bx_dev_user != "root" ]; then useradd -ms /bin/bash -u $bx_dev_userid $bx_dev_user; fi

The cli-config.yml needs this additional option:

version : 0.0.3

More Tracing Options

The status and deploy commands now offer --trace for additional debug information.

Windows Long Path Support

Windows now supports paths for the source code project that are longer than 255 characters.

Prevent Potential Hangs due to Docker Engine Unresponsiveness

If the Docker Engine does not respond, the commands will no longer attempt the operation indefinitely, but will return to the command prompt.

Starter List Filtering

The list of code starters is better sanitized to remove those not intended for use with this  plug-in.

Miscellaneous Message Improvements

Various fixes to the trace and normal console output of all commands to provide better clarity and problem determination.

Lead Developer, IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI

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