WEBCAST: Automate Compliance Controls and Ensure Data Security with IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization

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It really is a ‘better-together’ type of story” – Andrew Guerra, IBM Offering Manager

Concerned about addressing complex regulatory requirements like those set forth in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Want to take advantage of the many benefits of cloud but reluctant to leave an on-premise environment because of security or data privacy concerns? Have existing workloads in the cloud, but confronting complex, new compliance mandates? Join subject matter experts from IBM, Intel and HyTrust as they discuss IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization – a first-to-market, integrated, cloud-based solution focused on helping clients secure data and streamline compliance mandates.

IBM + HyTrust + Intel TXT = IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization

Looking through the lens of several uses cases including data sovereignty requirements, data protection, audit and compliance readiness and operational risk reduction, our experts discuss complex regulatory mandates like GDPR, a set of regulations which will impact any organization doing business in the EU. The presenters address current barriers to cloud adoption and ways in which to overcome these hurdles. The webcast wraps with a play-by-play demonstration of how to use IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization and how to “spin it up and spin it down as you need it” within your own environment.

Join us now to learn more about how IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization can help your firm increase control and visibility and more effectively meet complex regulatory requirements.

You can visit our website to learn more about IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization.  Or, want to learn more about how GDPR could impact you? Watch “Simplify GDPR Compliance with IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization,” a video focused on what firms need to know and what actions they need to take before the 2018 launch.

Marketing Manager | IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

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