Twilio Signal recap: Now is the most exciting time to be a developer

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Photos of Willie Tejada and Michael Ludden presenting at Twilio Signal

At Twilio SIGNAL 2017, I hosted a breakout session with Michael Ludden, Director of IBM Watson Labs, titled “Innovation in the Cognitive Era.” With the prevalence of new technology, inspiring all kinds of innovation and disruption, now is the most exciting time to be a developer. To be a leader in this space, means harnessing the power of cognitive computing to redefine the way we approach today’s business, global, and human challenges.

We spoke about what drives the need for cognitive, the opportunity it presents for next generation builders, and how Bluemix, our Cloud platform, can provide developers with the culture and code they need to pursue cognitive solutions.

It was a great opportunity to give attendees a glimpse into the foundational cognitive skills found in our Watson APIs and important cognitive architecture and data science in current and future solutions.

If you missed our breakout session, you can still grow your cognitive skills by experiencing our Journeys @ IBM Code. Journeys provide everything you need to solve real problems quickly, combining architecture diagrams, one-click deployment git repos, and other essential resources in one place. Right now you can learn how to create a cognitive retail chatbot or learn how to apply cognitive to mobile images on the go.

One of our latest Code Journeys gives the tools and code necessary to create a service-based chatbot to manage a personal wealth portfolio, using Twilio as a communications channel.

You can watch a replay of my Signal breakout session here:

“The Cognitive Story Project” and Beyond: AI Models for the Human Brain

That wasn’t the only breakout session featuring IBM’s cognitive technology. Tanmay Bakshi, a 13-year-old software/cognitive developer and honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, shared his take on cognitive technologies, such as AI and neural networks, in modeling the human brain and nervous system. His latest venture is a collaboration with IBM, Darwin Ecosystem, and Not Rocket Science on The Cognitive Story project: an open-source initiative to apply cognitive technologies to help individuals who are unable to communicate to express their emotions.

You can watch a replay of Tanmay’s amazing breakout session here:

Other Projects Using Cognitive Tech

Looking for more ways to utilize cognitive technology? Try these fun projects featured at SIGNAL (these were our booth demos!):

TJ Bot

Photo of TJ BotTJ Bot is an open source project to connect with and build upon Watson in a fun and creative way. You can 3D print or laser-cut the robot, then use one of his recipes to bring him to life. It’s a great entry into Watson for high school students or anyone interested in using a Raspberry Pi.

Watson Naughty-or-Nice Candy Machine

Photo of gumballs in a gumball machineA fun creation from one of our developer advocates, Joshua Zheng — a candy machine with feelings powered by Watson. Using Watson’s Speech to Text with Watson Alchemy Language Sentiment Analysis, the candy machine can understand speech and dispense different types of candy based on the sentiment of the words.

Hijacking Roomba with Watson and Twilio

Photo of a RoombaHarness the power of voice UI, mobile and cognitive services from Bluemix—for its ability to securely connect and manage devices, analyze social network data, and apply cognitive services to add human-like interaction to IoT products. The result? A Roomba that you can communicate with, powered by Watson, and easily paired with Twilio and SendGrid services.

As I mentioned, this year’s Signal event was an amazing opportunity to display the foundational cognitive skills found in our Watson APIs, and how Bluemix can provide developers with what they need to pursue cognitive solutions. Start your code journey today with IBM Code!

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