Transforming Telecommunications with Real Time Streaming Analytics

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Streaming AnalyticsAs per the latest IBM Institute for Business Value study, the communications industry is in the throes of a digital shake up, as over the top (OTT) digital giants and new startups upset the status quo. Offering new communication options and, in some cases, alternative access technologies, these digital invaders are shifting the competitive landscape, capturing revenues and hitting margins. At the same time, communications service providers (CSPs) are challenged to meet the increasingly high expectations of empowered – and less loyal – subscribers. In addition, they are tasked with large investments in network capabilities, particularly as the explosive growth in data-intensive applications increases traffic.

Poor customer experiences remain the Achilles’ heel of telcos’ digital transformation efforts. We live in the age of the customer, and today’s telco customer has expectations that far exceed the traditional standard of telco customer service. Offering customers seamless omnichannel experiences is critical for telcos’ digital transformation efforts. Today, customers expect to use a variety of digital touchpoints. This omnichannel approach affects telcos’ customer engagement activities at every stage of the customer life cycle.

The rapid emergence of smart phones and 3G/4G networks has resulted in wide spread SMS usage, cell phone based internet access and more wireless phone calls. The influx of data could be overwhelming, but smart telecommunications providers are turning this data into actionable insight.  With the huge volume of data, and the desire to process and analyze it in real time, IBM Streams has been a natural in the telecommunications industry. IBM Streams enables predictive analytics of data in motion for continuous decisions allowing telecommunications to capture and analyze data – all the time, just in time.

Four ways IBM Streams helps telecommunications providers keep pace:

  • Processing of call data continuously to predict customer churn and fraud: Process CDRs and IPDRs to predict and prevent customer churn proactively and help filter SMS spam and SMS fraud.
  • Timely marketing promotions: Trigger promotions to a selected set of customers within the subscriber list based on a predefined set of business rules. Determine the success of promotions within minutes and take necessary corrective actions.
  • High utilization of expensive network assets: Initiate region specific continuous marketing promotions to ensure better utilization of expensive network infrastructure equipment. Understand geospatial location of the callers and target them effectively.
  • Incremental revenue from newer marketing promotions: Provide a platform to run powerful geospatial analytics on subscribers to better understand their location patterns and cross sell/upsell additional services and promotions from partner vendors.

Watch this video presentation from IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016, where Damu Bashyam, vice president, IT, at Verizon, explains how their organization is partnering with IBM to enable artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for predicting customer intent. In addition, get more information on IBM Streams, and try the cloud services or the IBM Streams Quick Start Edition. Also, be sure to join the IBM Streams community.

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