Focus your ideas and deploy faster with Cloud Architectures and the IBM Garage Method

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There’s a reason developers say a meh solution “reinvents the wheel”. While it may be a cliché, it acccurately makes the point that with proven fundamentals and shared knowledge, you can start from a solid foundation and then innovate with confidence.

Now, instead of ‘wheelness’, swap in the fundamentals of cloud application development and ask the same questions: Should you design from scratch? Or start from a proven blueprint – a reference architecture that includes the foundation elements and suggests ways to refactor your legacy systems.  Build everything from scratch? Or use services to speed delivery?

The IBM Cloud Garage Method sets you up with tools: Design Thinking, reference architectures, code templates, tutorials, services guidance – what you need to focus your ideas and deploy faster. Imagine how much faster you can innovate when you start by knowing what works in general, have techniques to identify the unique need or problem and then dive into the implementation? And while some things have changed in the developer story the business wanting changes made yesterday has not.

Reference architectures also give you a checklist to make sure you there are no missing pieces in your solution. When you dive into an area that’s new to you, taking a look at what’s proven out in the wild frees mental effort to come up with the right design for your unique application. Reference architectures help you talk to the business too; you know that thought bubble that sits above certain heads, the one that says “so and so is making this up”? Sit ’em down with the diagram so they can see what the other devs are doing. Share a use case or case study for cognitive, hybrid or DevOps to show what’s possible and encourage blue sky conversations.

Whether you are building cloud-native apps or looking to decompose an old enterprise monolith, when you know what’s worked for other developers, you can skip the mistakes and go right to the goodness.

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