Start your DevOps journey with an experienced guide

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Running toward the future of development? Thinking about where your current tools fit in? Start your DevOps journey with an experienced guide. The IBM Cloud Garage Method provides reference architectures, proven practices, and toolchains to jump-start your cloud and DevOps transformation. With integrated tools and trusted practices to create your environment, you can develop and deploy your apps all at the speed of cloud.

IBM Cloud Garage Method home page

Follow these site guides to get you where you want to be faster!


If you’re new to DevOps or just want an overview before you start your first project, start here.

  • Need a high-level overview for executives? Read the Field Guide
  • To learn about the complete method, step through its phases and take the Explore the Garage Method course
  • To apply the method by using an architecture, start with the DevOps Architecture. Explore the implementations, which are listed in the left navigation of that architecture.


There’s no substitute for example code and hands-on experience.


To read about DevOps transformation experiences, see these articles:

Finally, to put the practices and tools to use, take the Become a Garage Method advocate course.


The Garage Method team welcomes your feedback. As you follow tutorials and courses, let the team know what you think by answering the inline questions.

Feedback question in the simple container tutorial

If you have general feedback about any content on the Garage Method site, share it with the Garage Method team by submitting a message in the Share your thoughts field. You can find that field at the bottom of most pages of the site.

To DevOps and beyond!

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