Getting started with Bondevalue on Bluemix

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Bondevalue is a Singapore-based Fintech company that focuses on Asian bond markets. Unlike equities which have already been digitally disrupted, bonds have remained unchanged for decades with private bank clients unable to access live prices.

We envision using our deep domain expertise to create a level playing field while retaining simplicity and convenience. Our bespoke model delivers accurate prices, the Advanced Search feature helps select bonds as per user preferences, and the My Portfolio feature aggregates the entire bond portfolio. Our focus is on accuracy of prices and transparency in the otherwise opaque market.

Our first API can be used to retrieve live bond prices and yields. The second API can be used for retrieving historical data. This blog post shows you how to get started with the Bondevalue APIs on the Bluemix platform. Watch the video provided below to learn more about Bondevalue’s API services.

Using the Bondevalue service on Bluemix

Bondevalue APIs provides you access to live and historical bond prices and yields data, primarily for Asian Bonds (see below).Bondevalue Algorithm flowchart

With the help of our advanced algorithm, we monitor the bond specific data points from a large variety of sources and enable individual investors to get the latest and accurate bond prices, yields, liquidity, riskiness, news and many other data points which help them make more informed decisions at the time of bond trading.Value Chain of Bondevalue


Before you can use Bondevalue API on Bluemix, you’ll need to have a Bluemix account.

The Bondevalue API can be found on the IBM Bluemix Catalog under the Third Party category (Data & Analytics) as shown below:Screen shot of Bondevalue tile on Bluemix

As shown in the above picture, select the Bondevalue API catalog tile to access the APIs which will provide you with real-time and historical bond prices and bond yields.

Viewing the API data

You need to follow the steps below to gain access for viewing real-time and historical bond data points.

  • Create and login to your account on Bondevalue.
  • From the dropdown menu in the top-left corner of the page, click on the “Daily Price API data” and “Historical Price API data” option to view the daily and historical bond prices respectively.

Daily Price API Data

JSON Format

"country": "CHN",
"callable": "Yes",
"issuerNameInBoldLetters": "361 Degrees",
"ISINCode": "XS1415758991",
"bondPrice": "108.188",
"YieldChangeInBpUnit": "-2",
"rating": "Medium",
"currentDate": "31-May-2017 14:47:00",
"bondMaturityDate": "06/21",
"perpetual": "No",
"countryOfRisk": "CHN",
"currencyName": "United States dollar",
"currency": "USD",
"priceChangeInPercentage": "0",
"previousDate": "24-May-2017 16:24:00",
"priceChange": "0",
"bondCoupon": "7.25",
"yieldChangeInPercentage": "-0.37",
"maturityYrsRemain": "4",
"bondAmountOut": "400000000",
"bondYield": "4.67",
"issuerNameInNormalLetters": "International Ltd",
"countryName": "China",
"yieldChange": "-0.02",
"countryOfRiskName": "China"


API Field Name Description
“callable” Provides the value if the bond is callable or not.
“ISINCode” Provides the unique ISIN value of the bond.
“bondPrice”: The current price of the bond.
“YieldChangeInBpUnit” The daily yield change value is terms of basis points system.
“rating” Information about the riskiness of the bond.
“bondMaturityDate” Information about the maturity date of the bond
“perpetual” Value if the bond is Perpetual or not.
currencyName Information about the bond currency.
“bondCoupon”: Value of the bond coupon.
“maturityYrsRemain”: The number of years left for bond’s maturity
“bondAmountOut”: Total outstanding amount for the bond.
“bondYield”: Current bond yield.
“issuerNameInNormalLetters”: Name of the bond Issuer
“countryOfRiskName”: Bond’s country of risk


Historical Price API Data

JSON Format

"ISINSDetailMap": {
"IssuerISINId": "77",
"bondCoupon": "2.75",
"bondISIN": "XS1209864229"
"bondDetailsGraphDataList": [
"UIFormattedDate": "Wed,Dec 07",
"bondPrice": "99.326",
"day_of_year": "342",
"year": "2016",
"month_of_year": "12",
"day_of_month": "7",
"bondYield": "2.96",
"month": "December",
"bondDataUpdateDate": "2016-12-07",
"day": "Wednesday",
"week_of_year": "49",
"day_of_week": "4"
"UIFormattedDate": "Thu,Dec 08",
"bondPrice": "99.447",
"day_of_year": "343",
"year": "2016",
"month_of_year": "12",
"day_of_month": "8",
"bondYield": "2.93",
"month": "December",
"bondDataUpdateDate": "2016-12-08",
"day": "Thursday",
"week_of_year": "49",
"day_of_week": "5"


API Field Name Description
“bondCoupon” Value of the bond coupon.
“bondISIN” Provides the unique ISIN value of the bond for which the historical data is being shown.
“UIFormattedDate” The date for which the data is being shown.
“bondPrice” The price of the bond for the mentioned date.
“bondYield” The yield of the bond for the mentioned date.


The response of the same APIs can also be viewed in the iOS application on the following Bondevalue App screens.

Using BondEvalue APIs

You need an API access token to receive data from BondEvalue APIs. To request an API access token, please follow the steps below:

  1. Register and login to your account on Bondevalue
  2. From the dropdown menu in the top-left corner of the page, click on the API Tokens option.
  3. Once the link is clicked, you will be provided with a token which can be used to access the APIs.

Documentation and Support

Bondevalue-API documentation is available on Bluemix and contains detailed instructions for using the APIs. You can also send email inquiries to Or, feel free to post comments and questions to this blog article.

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