Developer Day Events: Building Analytics Solutions

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Coming soon to a city near you: Watson Data Platform Developer Days

Watson Data Platform Developer Days EventOn its own, data is just details, a database is just a means of information storage, and code is just characters on a screen. But in the right hands, these elements can be integrated to build applications and solutions that deliver actionable insights and seamless user experiences. They are more than just the sum of their parts, and when effectively used together, they delight end users and help businesses get new insights out of dense data.

The cloud-based data and analytics services that make up Watson Data Platform are designed to help developers and data scientists easily build these kinds of integrated solutions. That’s why IBM is hosting Watson Data Platform Developer Days this summer – full-day, hands-on labs – where attendees will explore how to do just that. Using open datasets in conjunction with tools like Watson Analytics, Cloudant, and Data Science Experience, developers attending Watson Data Platform Developer Days will come together to build unique insight solutions to help a fictitious outdoor goods retailer understand why it’s seeing a drop off in sales.


What past attendees thought

“Watson Data Platform Developer Day is a full-day, hands-on lab that allows you to put Watson and the Bluemix Platform through its paces. You get the opportunity to work on a real use case with support from the IBM team. We highly recommend the workshop for anyone looking to add Watson to their portfolio!”
– Ryan Clapp; Technology Manager, QueBIT Consulting LLC

“I attended Watson Data Platform Developer Day to learn more about IBM’s cognitive technology. The ease of data transfer, manipulation and analysis offered by the Watson platform will open more options for businesses to interpret and utilize data easily.“
– Itai Weiss; Information Architect, Mainline Information Systems


Build analytics solutions with Watson Data Platform

If you like learning about new tools, tinkering with code, exploring datasets, or are interested in putting Watson to use, this event is for you! To attend, all you need to do is to register (see below for a list of cities) and bring your laptop. Teams will be created based on the skillsets of each registrant.

We hope to see you soon at a city near you!


Watson Data Platform Developer Day Event

Attendees working together on a solution at a recent Chicago workshop

Upcoming Developer Day events

San Francisco, California
Tuesday, July 11
9AM – 5 PM
Register for San Francisco

Toronto, Ontario
Thursday, July 13
9AM – 5 PM
Register for Toronto

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Wednesday, September 13
8:30 AM – 5 PM
Register for Cambridge

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