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Compose Enterprise levels up Compose databases

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Running in the cloud is great as you get resources when you need them shared from a common pool of resources. For critical enterprise workloads though, you want to be selfish. That means ensuring you have your own dedicated resources that your workloads, and only your workloads, get to use. When you are using the Compose services to deploy fully managed production-grade open source databases, you may appreciate an easy way to be selfish about resources.

That’s where the new Bluemix Compose Enterprise option comes in. It allows you to reserve a dedicated cluster of hardware for your own exclusive use. When you go this route with other cloud platforms, you end up managing the entire cluster yourself and deploying all your own applications and databases into it.

That’s not the case with Compose Enterprise. We manage it like we manage all our clusters, and you can deploy to your private cluster as if it was just another region or data center you could select. And deploying Compose databases on Bluemix is just a “one-click” experience and it stays that simple too.

But there’s more! Compose Enterprise clusters also come with encryption-at-rest as standard, allowing you to hit more compliance targets for data security.

Getting Compose Enterprise

The Compose Enterprise on Bluemix tileHow does it work? Go to your Bluemix Catalog and search for Compose Enterprise in the tiles.

Select this, and you’ll be presented with a form which starts off the cluster provisioning process. We’ll work with your requirements and get in touch when your Enterprise cluster is ready.

Then, whenever you provision a Compose database on Bluemix, select the Enterprise plan and your Enterprise cluster and click Create. Then sit back and let us take care of all your database management while you get time to plan that next great application you’re going to build on top of your Compose databases.

For further details on how to use Compose Enterprise on Bluemix, consult the documentation which also includes how to configure Compose databases on Compose Enterprise through the command-line.

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