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Cloudant Available on Dedicated Environments and with an Improved SLA in Bluemix Public

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The IBM Cloudant team is happy to announce two big changes to the Cloudant offering available on Bluemix Public. First, the ability to provision Cloudant instances on a dedicated environment is now live via the Dedicated Hardware plan in the catalog. This is in addition to the provisioned throughput capacity based Lite and Standard plans that have been available since September last year. With the introduction of the Dedicated Hardware plan, the full complement of Cloudant offerings is now available on Bluemix Public. Second, all Cloudant Standard plan instances now come with a 99.95{07c2b926d154bd5dc241f595a572d3349d41d98f2484798a4a616f4fafe1ebc0} SLA. Let’s dive a bit more into what’s new!

Dedicated hardware

When you provision a Standard plan, you get an account on a multi-tenant Cloudant cluster in one of the Bluemix Public regions, which at the time of this writing is either US South, London, Frankfurt, or Sydney. For certain use cases, this isn’t always sufficient. For example, data governance or regulatory demands (or paranoia) may dictate that you need stronger isolation guarantees. In other cases, you may want a Cloudant environment in a data center that’s in a completely different location. This is where the Dedicated Hardware plan comes in. It allows you to self-provision a Cloudant environment specifically for you and for you only, in any IBM Cloud location. After the provisioning has completed, you can provision Standard plans on your Dedicated Hardware environments in the same way as you provision multi-tenancy Standard plans. For US locations you can optionally request HIPAA compliance for the environment at no extra cost.


The pricing for a Dedicated Hardware environment is a flat $5000/month in addition to whatever Standard plans you choose to provision on top. You cannot provision Lite plans on a Dedicated Hardware environment. The Dedicated Hardware environment will be maintained and scaled by Cloudant’s big data experts behind the scenes to ensure that it can deliver the throughput required by your Standard plans. You can provision as many Standard plan instances as required on a single Dedicated Hardware environment in a given location.

How do I provision one of these Dedicated Hardware environments?

Under the Cloudant tile in the Bluemix Public catalog, you will see the new Dedicated Hardware plan at the bottom:

Cloudant Dedicated Hardware Plan


When selected, a dropdown menu will appear at the top listing available SoftLayer locations and whether HIPAA compliance is required:

Location for Deployment


Provisioning a Dedicated Hardware environment is asynchronous and can take a few days to complete. Once the environment is available, you can now provision Standard plans in either the default multi-tenancy cluster associated with the Bluemix region, or in your freshly provisioned Dedicated Hardware environment. Highlight the Standard plan instance in the catalog and it will show up in the dropdown as an environment in the “Select Environment” dropdown.

Select Environment


This new plan should mean that as a customer you have the option to really tailor your Cloudant offering to suit your business needs. You have the advantage of the same capacity based charge model regardless of if your Cloudant environment is multi-tenant or single-tenant, and with the flexibility to home your data near your customers.

 New SLA

With this, we’re also announcing a new SLA for Cloudant, for the first time also covering the multi-tenant Standard plans on Bluemix Public within a single region. As Standard plans are throughput-capped, we are better equipped to offer a predictable QoS on multi-tenant clusters. We are applying an SLA commitment of 99.95{07c2b926d154bd5dc241f595a572d3349d41d98f2484798a4a616f4fafe1ebc0} to all Standard plan instances, whether deployed on multi-tenant or dedicated environments, to match the Bluemix terms for its multi-region setups. Read the small-print in the Service Description.

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