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What’s included in the Bluemix CLI Developer Plug-in version 0.1.5

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New features and fixes in version 0.1.5 of the Bluemix CLI Developer Plug-in.

Bluemix Global Support

The bx dev create command is updated to to use new URLs to ensure global access.

Tracing Option

All container commands of the plugin are enhanced now with a --trace option.  Use of this option returns all of the diagnostic information of the command, as was the default prior to this latest release.  Effectively, we’ve dialed down the default tracing so that you have a choice on when you would like to see all of the messages.

Removed Automatic Building from Commands

Each command no longer builds your code before completing its additional steps with this release.  To explicitly build your code, you will now use bx dev build.

Use the Current OS User in the Container

Prior to this release, the user completing all actions in the generated tools container was root.  Now a non-root user may be used.  To make use of this feature, there are two small configuration changes needed.  First, these additional lines must be added to the tools Dockerfile:

ARG bx_dev_userid=root
RUN BX_DEV_USERID=$bx_dev_userid
RUN if [ $bx_dev_userid != "root" ]; then useradd -ms /bin/bash $bx_dev_userid; fi

The cli-config.yml needs this additional option:

version : 0.0.2

Bug Fixes

In addition to the features added above, these bug fixes are included as well:

  • Using CTRL-C to end commands does not always return the user to an obvious command prompt
  • During image creation, this harmless error is seen with varying image and path values:
    Creating image (some image) based on Dockerfile...
    Encountered error:
    %!(EXTRA *os.PathError=open (some path): no such file or directory)
  • The bx dev deploy fails due to using the cf command instead of the bx cf command
  • A container that does not start may cause the command to hang instead of ending the command


Lead Developer, IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI

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