Chat bots powered by Watson at Twilio Signal

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Last year at Twilio Signal, IBM announced that Watson services would, for the first time, be made available on a 3rd party’s catalog: Twilio Add-ons Marketplace. Called Add-ons, these Watson services would be just the beginning of making Watson services available directly to Twilio developers.

Is it May? Then it must be Twilio time! For the third year, IBM is a top sponsor of the Twilio Signal conference. This year’s event, to be held at Pier 27 in San Francisco, promises to be another banner event for IBM and Twilio. If you haven’t been to a Signal event, there’s still time to register. It is a great event for developers!

While last year’s focus was on Watson services being added to the Twilio catalog, this time the focus will be on creating chat bots combining the power of Watson and Twilio.

At our Visionary sponsorship booth, we’ll have some of our top developers showcasing and demoing quick and easy to build bots, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to build solutions. For example:

Image of TJ Bot

TJ Bot

One of our booth demos includes the very popular TJ Bot, an open source project to access Watson services in a fun way. You can 3D print or laser-cut the robot, then use one of his recipes to bring him to life! The kit targets senior high school or college students and anyone interested in using Raspberry Pi. Depending on what you plan to build with TJ, you may need other electronics such as Neopixel LED, camera and microphone.

Candy Machine

We’ll also have a Candy Machine with feelings (powered by Watson!), a Roomba that you can communicate with (powered by Watson!), and demo examples of Watson Conversation, a great service to pair with Twilio.

Code Journeys

Something new we’ll be showing Signal attendees are Code Journeys. These are step-by-step instructions for how to build compelling demos and solutions using multiple services all on Bluemix. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: you don’t have to be at Signal to test drive our Code Journeys. They are available now for you to build with!

The most exciting time to be a developer

Our very own Willie Tejada, IBM Chief Developer Advocate, will deliver our speaking session dedicated to AI and cognitive solutions: Digital Innovation in the Cognitive Era. Willie will discuss how IBM is empowering developers to solve these problems—smarter, faster, together. It promises to be a great speaking session!

If you’re going to Signal, we’d love to have you come by our booth, get to know our awesome staff  of developers, and hang out for a demo of Watson. You can’t miss us; we’ll be the busiest booth! And TJ Bot says “Hi!”

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