Getting started with DevOps Insights toolchains on Bluemix

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Do you want to improve your team’s collaboration, delivery, and deployment processes? Try IBM® Cloud DevOps Insights to learn how compliant your team is with DevOps and developer practices, manage risk in your code base, and automatically enforce quality standards in continuous delivery projects.

On Bluemix®, two toolchain templates include popular tools, such as JIRA and Jenkins, along with the analytic capabilities of DevOps Insights. For step-by-step guidance to set up and use the toolchains, you can follow tutorials from the IBM Cloud Garage Method.

Apply deployment risk analytics to a GitHub and Jenkins project

With the Deployment Risk Analytics toolchain, you can add DevOps Insights policies and gates to a Jenkins project to enforce continuous integration and deployment quality control.

The DevOps Insights Deployment Risk dashboard

The DevOps Insights Deployment Risk dashboard

This toolchain template offers integrations to tie Jenkins, Bluemix, and DevOps Insights together. The toolchain also includes a Slack integration that you can use to post build, test, and deployment notifications to your team.

To get started with this toolchain, try the Deployment Risk Analytics with GitHub and Jenkins tutorial.

Gain developer and team insights on a JIRA and GitHub project

With the Developer Insights and Team Dynamics toolchain, you can analyze your project’s code base and collaboration patterns. This toolchain includes DevOps Insights, which provides the Developer Insights and Team Dynamics capabilities, JIRA for issue tracking, GitHub for source-control management, and Slack for collaboration and notification.

A DevOps Insights Developer Insights dashboard

A DevOps Insights Developer Insights dashboard

In the tutorial for this toolchain, you create a toolchain from a template and then use Developer Insights and Team Dynamics in DevOps Insights to explore your project’s development maturity and developer collaboration patterns.

To get started with this toolchain, try the Developer Insights and Team Dynamics with GitHub and JIRA tutorial.

These tutorials and others that show what you can do with DevOps Insights are available in the Garage Method Learning Lab.


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