Create and examine a sample microservices toolchain with DevOps Insights

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Are you interested in deploying microservice apps to the cloud? After you deploy your app to the cloud, do you want to use sophisticated tools to monitor, control, and interpret the results of your deployments? You can use the IBM®Bluemix® Continuous Delivery and IBM Cloud DevOps Insights services to manage and deploy microservice apps. To learn how, try the Create and use a microservices toolchain with DevOps Insights tutorial on the IBM Cloud Garage Method website.

Create and use a microservices toolchain with DevOps Insights (v2)

The tutorial guides you through the steps to create a three-microservice toolchain from a template on Bluemix. Then, you customize integrations with both Bluemix services and third-party notification tools.

Microservices toolchain diagram

You use the tools in the toolchain to store, edit, and deliver changes to the code. After you deploy the apps to Bluemix, you use DevOps Insights to analyze the apps and set up policies that automatically prevent bad code from going into production.

Finally, you create a composite pipeline, which allows you to visualize and coordinate deployment all the apps in a toolchain. You use the composite pipeline to view the deployment status of the apps and then customize the deployment plan for all of the apps in the toolchain. You also use the composite pipeline to modify a production gate that ties to DevOps Insights policies.

This tutorial and other tutorials that show what you can gain from DevOps Insights features are available in the Garage Method Learning Lab.

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