Add a toolchain to your app

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Do you want to develop your app through a continuous delivery approach, but need help getting started? Try toolchains, which are part of IBM® Bluemix® Continuous Delivery. Toolchains provide all of the tools that you need to continuously deliver apps. You can easily add a toolchain to your app to simplify the development and deployment process.

Add a toolchain to an app by following a tutorial

To get started, follow the “Add a toolchain to an app” tutorial on the IBM Cloud Garage Method website. The tutorial contains step-by-step instructions, along with visuals, to help you add a toolchain to your app and start to use the toolchain. It starts by creating a “Hello World” app in Bluemix. If you already have an app, can start the tutorial on Task 2 to add a toolchain to your app.

Add a toolchain to a Bluemix app

After you create the toolchain, you change your app’s code and push the change to the GitHub repo. When you push changes to your GitHub repo, the delivery pipeline automatically builds and deploys the code that is in the repo.

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Enjoy continuously delivering your app!

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