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Vault, Cold Vault and Flex: Bluemix Expands IBM Cloud Object Storage Availability

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Starting today in Bluemix you can now choose IBM Cloud Object Storage classes based on the degree of your data access requirements – either for frequently accessed data (Standard), occasionally accessed data (Vault), or long-term data retention (Cold Vault). We also just announced Flex at InterConnect 2017 – for dynamic and unpredictable data access needs – but more about that in a minute.

IBM Cloud Object Storage Cross Region for hot, cool and cold data comes at a crucial time when the growth of our unstructured data demands has officially outgrown solutions addressed by traditional “consumer-grade” storage systems. Enterprise-grade object storage is secure for your data needs. It’s flexible for your workload needs. And it’s highly reliable for your business continuity needs. It should also work for you – not the other way around. Besides the above three, we deliver consistent APIs across all storage classes and simple pricing based on capacity, outbound bandwidth and access.

Check out our recommended use cases for Standard, Vault and Cold Vault object storage classes below.

• For active workloads accessed multiple times per month
• DevOps, Social, mobile, collaboration and analytics

• For cooler workloads accessed once a month or less
• Archiving, short-term data retention, digital asset preservation, tape replacement and disaster recovery i_objectstorage_1

Cold Vault
• For rarely accessed mixed workloads and applications
• Archiving, long-term backup, historical data compliance

Give IBM Cloud Object Storage Cross Region a try for free.

Use Promo Code: COSFREE at signup and get up to 25 GB/month at no charge, up to 20,000 GET requests/month at no charge, and up to 2,000 PUT requests/month at no charge.(1)

New to Bluemix? Start here.

Current IBM SoftLayer or Bluemix customer? Start here.

And now back to that Flex story (thanks for sticking with me). At InterConnect 2017 we announced the Coming Soon availability of an additional object storage class that makes it significantly easier for clients to shift back and forth between hot, cool and cold data. Meet Flex – because let’s face it – not every workload fits into a nice and neat tier each month let alone each day. Flex deployment will help customers who told us, “I don’t have absolute certainty about my data usage patterns, and I can’t afford to be wrong about it.” Maybe you’re storing research data that requires a quick pull to merge and test against other recently acquired data. That’s where Flex comes in. And the cost savings for this use case are compelling. Check out this AWS v IBM price comparison blog.

The availability of Vault and Cold Vault and our announcement of Flex is the second, recent installment of enhancements for the IBM Cloud Object Storage public offering obtainable in Bluemix. In November 2016 we delivered industry adopted S3 architecture featuring built-in Cross Region resiliency with data stored durably across three or more geographic zones – each zone housing three data centers 1000+ kilometers apart. We couldn’t be more pleased about these exciting changes to our public object storage family.

Legal disclaimers:
Object Storage Cross Region Free-Tier expires 12 months after your initial sign up. Standard rates apply for usage beyond 25 GB, 20,000 GET requests per month and 2,000 PUT requests per month. Free-Tier applies a maximum non-refundable monetary credit equivalent to the value of said services against your monthly statement. Please see product detail page for full, standard pricing details.

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