Five Must-See IBM Bluemix Garage Sessions at IBM InterConnect

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IBM InterConnect 2017 will keep developers and CTOs busy learning the latest about cloud, security, cognitive, DevOps, and more next week. With more than 2,000 sessions available, maximizing your time is a must!

To help narrow down your choices, we’ve created five must-see, can’t-miss, once-in-a-lifetime InterConnect sessions from the IBM Bluemix Garage. Not familiar with the Garage? It’s an IBM consultancy with the DNA of a startup, combining the best practices from design thinking, agile development, and lean startup to accelerate cloud application development and cloud adoption on Bluemix. With its own Bluemix Garage Method—which recently named The Most Innovative DevOps Solution of 2016—there is plenty to learn from folks working in a Garage worldwide.

And now to the sessions

Without further ado, here are the five key sessions that will give you an overview of what the Garage has to offer:

Our Method

Session #5874: The Practices of the Bluemix Garage Developer: Extreme Programming (for Non-Programmers)

This four-hour, instructor-led lab is offered as a Bootcamp session. This workshop will immerse non-software developer attendees in extreme programming, the flagship practice of the IBM Garage Method. Through group workshop activities, attendees will experience the ebb and flow of the Bluemix Garage development cycles. They will experience pair programming, test-driven development, merciless refactoring, and evolutionary architecture. Attendees will take away an appreciation of the rigor of extreme programming and why it makes the IBM Garage Method work.

Session #4576: Sustainable Pace and Maximum Value with the IBM Bluemix Garage Method

The Bluemix Garage Method is creating major transformation for our clients and accelerating cloud adoption. Looking to start learning about this method and kick off your cloud transformation? Explore the value offered by the Bluemix Garage Method by focusing on one of our key values: sustainable pace. Experienced Garage developers will take you through the stories of several client projects they’ve been staffed on: the situations where sustainable pace was failing, how they began transformation, and the greater quality our clients gained as a result. The session will discuss how sustainable pace supports the practices of the Bluemix Garage Method and cloud native coding.

Session #6657: Experience IBM Design Thinking from the IBM Bluemix Garage

IBM Design Thinking is our approach to applying design thinking at the speed and scale the modern enterprise demands. It’s a framework for teaming and action. The IBM Bluemix Garage applies IBM Design Thinking to define and design innovative projects focused on driving rapid validation of ideas. Join this session to gain an understanding of design thinking by trying it out yourself. It will be a fun, interactive, eye-opening session. Wear comfortable shoes—we will provide the Post-Its and Sharpies!

Session #3337: Creating Effective Mobile Applications with IBM Bluemix

Mobile technologies at IBM, particularly on IBM Bluemix, are rapidly evolving. Review the current “state of play” and look at the variety of options and services available for building mobile applications using the IBM Bluemix platform as a back end. We’ll explore the IBM Mobile Foundation service and other standalone, mobile-capable services, including mobile analytics and push notifications. Learn how all these services can be brought together with client-side mobile applications developed using a variety of development styles, such as hybrid (Cordova) and native development.

Bringing it all together

Session #1439: Innovation at Speed as Mainstream Across an Enterprise, with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Innovation is key to success in today’s fast-changing environment. Hear from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank on their journey in establishing and succeeding with a highly agile, innovative, and productive team in partnership with IBM. Learn how IBM got started and generated the buy-in from the key stakeholder in the company, and how we are setting up DevOps for continuous delivery and availability, modernizing service management, applying design thinking for user-centric innovation and value, and leveraging IBM Bluemix as the platform to build and deliver on.

These are just a few of the sessions available on the IBM Bluemix Garage and the Bluemix Garage Method. From start to finish, you can learn how visiting the Bluemix Garage can transform your business or idea from the ground up—quickly and efficiently through cloud and the best development practices. You can also learn more about the Bluemix Garage in the Cloud Confidence Center in the InterConnect Concourse, where you can talk to our experts and see demos of our latest projects.

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