8 Ways to be Serverless and Event-Driven at InterConnect 2017

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interconnect_photo_3Serverless, based on the Apache OpenWhisk open source project, IBM Buemix OpenWhisk is a programming platform as a service with packaged access to 160+ cognitive and other cloud services.  OpenWhisk scalably executes code in runtime containers in response to configurable events, through direct invocation, and without the need to manage infrastructure.

Besides making cloud computing cost-effective at scale, OpenWhisk equally facilitates end to end mobile and IoT application development.

Check-out these key sessions and labs.

Architecture and Technical Direction

Join OpenWhisk Lead Architect Michael Behrendt for an overview and current update.

Serverless, Event-Driven Architectures and Bluemix OpenWhisk: Overview and IBM’s Technical Strategy

OpenWhisk Lead Developer Carlos Santana discusses the intersection of three key technologies:

Shaping the Future of Serverless APIs and Microservices in IBM Bluemix

Featured Client Stories

International retail bank Santander uses IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk to optimize the repetitive daily task of receiving and processing check deposits. See the code behind an application that automatically processes each image added to an object storage service, invoking an external system to handle the transaction.

Serverless Architectures in Banking: OpenWhisk on IBM Bluemix at Santander

In creating an end to end mobile application DevOps pipeline with a single source repository, Wakefern Food Corporation uses OpenWhisk to broker JSON data between the mobile client and cloud services.

How to Build Homogeneously from One Source Repository to Mobile and Microservices Targets

SiteSpirit, a Netherlands-based software developer, moved their data-intensive MediaSpirit tool onto OpenWhisk, and adding cloud data services on Bluemix to help customers implement advanced, flexibly-programmable, cloud-based data analytics that optimize infrastructure utilization through auto-scaling.

MediaSpirit: A Bluemix and OpenWhisk Love Story


Get familiar with basic OpenWhisk programming structures: events, triggers/rules, and actions.

Working with IBM OpenWhisk in Bluemix

Use OpenWhisk programming structures to create a basic bot:

Serverless Bots: Create Efficient Inexpensive Event-Driven Bots with Node.js & OpenWhisk

Go a step further to use OpenWhisk and Watson to build an intelligent chatbot:

Build your first Cognitive Chat Bot using OpenWhisk

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