Navigate the DevOps storm without getting shipwrecked!

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Do your DevOps and Operations teams ever:

• Get swamped with a storm of operational events?
• Get hit with different types of events, that it’s hard to tell how to prioritize them or how they are even related?
• Miss or delay addressing critical events from the public cloud or from your private data center?

IBM Cloud Event Management can help you tame the storm!

IBM Cloud Event Management is a new cloud-based service that empowers your Operations and DevOps teams to resolve service-impacting incidents promptly. It harnesses events from hundreds of disparate sources and correlates them into actionable incident dashboard views.

The dashboards are designed for different group dynamics and situations. Some views are useful in a communal group setting, and others are catered for individual operator use. This makes it easy for operators to take action, synchronize across teams, and track progress of resolution.

To get to end of task quickly, the service can provide incident-specific guidance and automate resolution tasks.

The offering’s completely new design, user friendly experience and intuitive visuals, leverage years of IBM’s leadership and innovation in operations management.


You can preview and experiment with IBM Cloud Event Management in Bluemix

Check out how you can:

  • Expedite problem determination: Within minutes you can start ingesting events from multiple sources and consolidating them into prioritized incidents. From there you’re ready to see what’s truly causing faults in the applications, platforms and infrastructure you rely on.
  • Restore service quickly: Identifying priority incidents is just the starting point, IBM’s service lets you match runbook guidance and automated steps to help your operators resolve simple outages and service disruptions without delays or confusing investigative work.
  • Bridge the gap between Dev and Ops: Avoid the confusion of knowing who has responsibility to take action by automatically routing incidents to the right people at the appropriate time. This bridges the divides, both within and across teams, to resolve complex faults quickly and prevent wasteful duplicate work.

The service sets you on course to achieve efficient and reliable operational health, service quality and continuous improvement.

View the video, detailing the getting started experience, here.

Explore a preview of the new service today and tell us what you think, here.

Blog posted on behalf of:

James Moore,
Operations Management, IBM Cloud, IT Service Management
Twitter: @jdmoore3rd

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