IBM Welcome Event at Rainmaking Loft

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On the 1st of March, IBM and Rainmaking Loft celebrated its partnership with a casual evening together.

Rainmaking Loft is a is a co-working space, one of Europe’s leading players within entrepreneurship originating from Copenhagen. In London, its home to 100 tech startups and entrepreneurs co-locating together. From a charitable donation platform to a money management app!  Also, Rainmaking Loft are founders of Stratupbootcamp who IBM have built a relationship through mutual support and mentoring.

IBM and Rainmaking Loft Welcome Event

IBM and Rainmaking Loft Welcome Event

IBM hosted a casual evening where Jane Campbell, Rainmaking Loft, introduced the team and the partnership.

“This is an important collaboration for us, and fantastic that we are able to tap into the experts of IBM and learn more about applying Watson and Bluemix API’s to real innovations of the startup world. The partnership is a great opportunity for our members to experiment with the technology that is available to them, and to learn how to implement it in their own business with the help of the brilliant minds behind the partnership at IBM. We can see this partnership really helping to drive the advancement in startup usage of different technology resources – and helping teams to better understand the benefits of integrating with different systems” – Jane, Rainmaking Loft

IBMer, Angela Bates, then spoke about what the partnership brings to the startups such as IBM Global Entrepreneur and plans for the year. We will be holding a number of events such as meetups, workshops, office hours and innovation events with the IBM Lab Campus Team. These will be open to the Rainmaking and much wider community. Through office hours, the Rainmaking Loft community will have access to one of our developer advocates or business developments leaders. Here we can provide go to market support and technical guidance.

One of these events is our Cloud Foundry/Bluemix Ecosystem Meetup hosted by Simon Baker! This is a casual beer and pizza evening where you have a chance to network and learn more about IBM technologies. Check out this link to find out more and register for the next event!

How can we help board at Rainmaking Loft

What is IBM Global Entrepreneur?

IBM Global Entrepreneur is a program whereby startups can access up to 120k worth of credits a year. These can be used on our developer platform IBM Bluemix. Also, the program gives you access to go to market support, business mentors, technical guidance and networking opportunities. This is to assist quickly bringing your solution to market on the industry leading Cloud Platform.

IBM Bluemix?

This is IBM’s developer platform enabling organisations and developers to quickly and easily create, deploy and manage your applications on the cloud. These will support a wide range of programming languages, to suit developer preferences.

IBM Bluemix provides you with access to an extensive catalog of APIs, both by IBM and third parties. IBM Watson APIs are some of the most popular, with capabilities such as analytics, personality insights, speech to text due to its ability to understand natural language. Other applications included in the catalog are IBM Blockchain, data from the Weather Channel and many more. These APIs can then easily be integrated into your applications.

Raimaking Loft Board

After the talks of what IBM can provide the cohort we opened it up to some fun, a quiz! The quiz had two rounds, allowing everyone to mix – mixing was crucial as the first round

Round 1 – IBM Watson and Rainmaking Loft.

Questions on Watson capabilities applied day to day. For example, Olli the autonomous vehicle or the interactive dinosaurs from Dinosaur Island.

Round 2 –Watson Twist and IBM History.

Using the IBM Watson Twist app, we tested our guest on quirky drink flavour combinations put together but the app. Who knew coffee, cranberry and cayenne worked well together! This then moved onto more traditional questions of IBM’s past inventions and achievements.

Through IBM and Rainmaking Loft’s partnership we hope to aid them getting market through mentorship from our developer advocates. This is by providing them access and training in using IBM technologies such as taking advantage of IBM Watson capabilities. Also through running informative sessions, such as Lunch and Learn sessions where startups can drop in to learn more. So we hope to see you at one of our sessions like our monthly meetup!


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