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Engaging developers on IBM Cloud with new cognitive services in Frankfurt

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Today IBM is adding an extensive catalogue of Bluemix services hosted in the Frankfurt data center for European developers.

This year, businesses have a world-leading cognitive platform at the top of their agendas. They want to deliver a more responsive user experience. They want to build and host innovative applications close to their data and end users. They also want to use open technologies and open standards. Businesses want to take advantage of working with IBM’s cloud platform and its developer, mobile, and cognitive services.

So what is new in Frankfurt? The new Bluemix services include IBM Watson and Watson Cognitive Services with Conversation, Personality Insights, and Tone Analyzer. They also include a comprehensive set of in-region developer services with Cloud Foundry runtimes, and mobile and data services like Cloudant, dashDB, and Compose.

Yasser Eissa, Vice President, IBM Cloud & Cognitive Europe, said, “With the IBM Cloud services in Frankfurt, including Watson APIs such as Watson Conversation, we’re bringing cognitive intelligence and advanced developer capabilities directly to European organizations. While keeping control over their data, they can now rapidly and securely build cognitive apps across a range of industries—from manufacturing to electronics and more.”

IBM is among the first cloud service providers to adopt the EU Data Protection Code of Conduct for Cloud Service Providers. Not only does the Code align with the current legal framework for data protection in Europe, but it also brings in elements of the impending European Union General Data Protection Regulation, to be enforced in May 2018. This is crucial for cloud users in understanding how to approach the new regulation. (Read more here.)

“I am thrilled to have such a strong artificial intelligence platform in a country with one of the strictest data protection laws in the world. It has never before been so easy to utilize open standards and even open source tools in areas such as data analytics and cognition,” says Ansger Schmidt, Bluemix Developer Advocate at IBM Germany. “Instead of coding everything from scratch, it’s now easy to concentrate on the parts of software that make your company successful. Whether you’re a freelancer, startup, enterprise developer, or from the DevOps department, starting something big has never before been so easy!”

Now you can create and deploy more responsive and efficient workloads in reducing network latency. IBM is creating the easiest path for developers of all skill sets and across all industries to build cognitive-infused apps on the cloud.

Content Marketing Manager at IBM Cloud

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