From IBM Garage Developer to Corporate Service Corp Participant

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The Corporate Service Corps is one way IBMers can have a positive impact on the world

Bogor, Indonesia. 12 weeks of preparation and over 3 years of volunteerism. Enter the Corporate Service Corps (CSC) where I am tasked to blend IBM’s excellence in technology and consulting with high priority issues of countries with emerging economies.

About Corporate Service Corps

The Corporate Service Corps started in 2008 and is a company-wide initiative where IBM sends out a team of 8 to 15 members to emerging markets to address high priority issues like education, health, and economic development.


During this preparation phase, CSC participants undergo training modules that range from learning about the cultural and social aspects of the country to developing consulting skills about how to handle different client scenarios. Each participant is responsible to lead and moderate a specific topic as well as perform up to 40 hours of online training before they are deployed.

In the Bluemix Garage, we have a wide range of cloud computing technologies and great design thinking methodologies to draw upon for client engagements. No doubt these technologies and design methodologies will be key when meeting with key host organizations in Indonesia for creating new systems or infrastructure to support various initiatives. Although the CSC projects that our team will be working on are still being determined, emerging technologies like Blockchain, Cognitive Capabilities, and Cloud Infrastructure are key examples of technologies to leverage and use as models. I’ve worked with numerous Watson, Security, Blockchain, and Analytics Bluemix services so far and understand how applications on the cloud should scale and be secured so I hope to bring that knowledge to the projects in CSC. For example, understanding how blockchain works can tremendously help on a project where an organization is trying to build a peer to peer transaction system in the tourism industry or understanding how cognitive analytics can provide better patient insights in healthcare.

Like the methodologies used in Bluemix Garage, the Corporate Service Corps encourages participants to experiment, keep an open mind, and tackle new and exciting challenges using a mixture of business, design, and technology methodologies. Where the Bluemix Garage and CSC are similar is that they are both centers where technology, business, and design come together to form new solutions for the world.

As I wrap up my own preparation before deployment, I am extremely excited to develop a broader view of the world, understand more about IBM at a global scale, and utilize my development and leadership skills I have learned from Bluemix and the Bluemix Garage on our project at hand.

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