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Enterprise video: chat solution for internal communications

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enterprise-video-chat-solution-for-internal-communicationsA new module has been released through IBM Cloud Video that improves engagement on internal video assets. This feature adds an enterprise video chat solution that lives in a module next to a video player. It allows viewers to engage one another during video content, which can range from executive town halls to training material.

The new chat module is not Flash based, allowing for compatibility across a variety of experiences. This includes not just desktops, but also mobiles and even the “IBM Cloud Video for Enterprise App” as well.

User experience wise, the video content is confined to internal audiences through requiring viewers to authenticate. This can take the shape of single sign-on (SSO) integrations or email verification. Once authenticated, viewers can participate in a chat that is associated with the content. By default, their comments will be displayed alongside a shortened version of their email address, removing details after the @ symbol. However, users can choose a customized nickname that will become associated with their use of the module. This information will be saved and will be uniform across experiences, across video content from the enterprise and also across devices. Furthermore, participants can see other active members on the chat as well, gauging what type of response they might get from their own questions.

Management wise, moderators can be assigned to the chat to create a more collaborative experience for higher ups. In addition, a history log can be seen, and even exported through a manual process.

The chat module works with IBM Cloud Video Streaming Manager for Enterprise. It can be used in conjuncture with the previously released Question and Answer module, giving viewers two different ways to engage with the content.

Learn more about the enterprise video chat integration module.


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