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Accelerating Global Trade – Gliding Eagle and IBM Bluemix

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If you’ve been following Gliding Eagle and IBM Bluemix, you know we’ve been up to something really cool.

All-in on Global Trade and Cloud

Gliding Eagle is a start-up that’s all-in on revolutionizing global trade. By harnessing data, Gliding Eagle provides product authenticity and transparency. Global trade of wine was the start but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Additional applications in healthcare are on the horizon, as they use the cloud to develop their solution.

In a similar capacity, IBM Bluemix is also all-in on providing a cognitive, enterprise-grade cloud platform for clients. Bluemix provides a breadth of value-added services, spanning from foundational infrastructure to Watson/Blockchain services and everything in between.

Bluemix also provides options specific to workload requirements. Whether you require high performance or action-driven computing, a spectrum of choices are offered with a consistent experience.

Cloud for the Start-up

The cognitive, enterprise-grade cloud platform isn’t just for enterprises. Startups are growing at an unprecedented rate and these same startups consume like the enterprise, build like the enterprise, and become the enterprise.

Today, Gliding Eagle’s global trade application runs on Bluemix Virtual Servers. This allows them to reach clients across the world with global availability.

Private network connectivity also allows Gliding Eagle to share large amounts of data across the globe at high speeds and free of charge. Based out of Napa Valley, Gliding Eagle can reach customers all the way across the ocean in China.

Gliding Eagle is expanding and expanding fast, moving into healthcare and leveraging other cloud services like Blockchain to provide a unique solution in global trade. Expansion also means being able to scale workloads to meet the demand of users.

Join Jack Duan and I at InterConnect to learn how Gliding Eagle is shaking up global trade with Bluemix.

Accelerating Global Trade with IBM Bluemix

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