Free-Tier Now Available: Geo-Resilient Object Storage in the IBM Public Cloud

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Greetings object storage hounds!

We’re thrilled to announce worldwide availability and production-grade use of Object Storage Standard Cross Region services in the IBM public cloud. We invite you to give it a try in Bluemix with up to 25 GB/month at no charge. Harness the power of new IBM Cloud Object Storage technology, featuring built-in geographic resiliency and data-at-rest encryption without committing long-term.

In this world, simple storage solutions fall short. Governments and clients have increased pressure to assure compliance and residency requirements for content and applications. Transparency and coverage aren’t enough. Object Storage Standard Cross Region gives you total jurisdiction over the locality and access of your unstructured data. You choose the regional locale based on network and latency demands, regulatory requirements and critical data proximity to paramount customers.

Additionally, there’s a higher level of availability and security. Object Storage Standard Cross Region takes data that lands on one region on the IBM Cloud, then slices, erasure-codes and disperses the slices across three regions using something called SecureSlice.

Why does that matter? Two reasons:

  1. If security is compromised in a region, the full content will not be exposed
  2. If one region is offline, your applications continue to run without disruption and without you having to intervene

What are the key benefits of Object Storage Standard Cross Region?

  • Cross-region U.S. resiliency
  • S3 API support
  • Built-in security with encryption for data-at-rest
  • IBM-exclusive SecureSlice technology: encryption + erasure coding + data dispersal
  • Orderable, accessible, and manageable via customer portal
  • Creation and management of buckets
  • Credentials and endpoints for use with tools, applications and gateways

What does Object Storage Standard Cross Region Free-Tier include?

  • Up to 25 GB/month at no charge
  • Up to 20,000 GET requests/month at no charge
  • Up to 2,000 PUT requests/month at no charge

So how do I sign up?

Use promo code “COSFREE” to sign up! If you’re new to IBM Cloud and Bluemix, get started here. If you’re a current IBM SoftLayer/Bluemix customer, get started here.

What is Object Storage Standard Cross Region ideal for?

  • Storing active data that requires frequent access, geographic resiliency and data durability
  • Availability demands through multiple endpoints across three regional data centers
  • Business continuity demands for active content repositories, analytics, big data, and mission-critical data applications
  • Multi-access requirements via the IBM public and private networks
  • Enhanced security requirements

You get a simplified charge model

  • Capacity pricing
  • No separate charges regional data centers within the cross region zone.
  • No separate charges for data replication across regions within the cross region zone

object storage pricing model

As always, we’re here to help! Please reach out to us in the support forums.

Oh, and the fine print: Object Storage Standard Cross Region Free-Tier expires 12 months after your initial sign up. Standard rates apply for usage beyond 25 GB, 20,000 GET requests per month, and 2,000 PUT requests per month. Free-Tier applies a maximum non-refundable monetary credit equivalent to the value of said services against your monthly statement. Please see product detail page for full pricing details.

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