Deploy quality every time with DevOps Insights

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DevOps Insights Tool Integration card

Want to improve the quality of your apps and make sure that users see only your best deployments? You can gate deployments, ensuring that only quality code is delivered, by adding IBM Cloud DevOps Insights to your toolchain.

When DevOps Insights is part of your toolchain, it gathers and analyzes the results from unit tests, functional tests, and code coverage tools at specified gates in your deployment process. If your code does not meet or exceed your predefined policies, the deployment is halted, preventing risky changes from being released.

Think of DevOps Insights as a safety net for your continuous delivery environment. It’s a way to implement and improve quality standards. It also provides data visualization to help you understand your project’s health.

Take DevOps Insights for a test drive

You can try DevOps Insights by completing the “Create a toolchain that includes DevOps Insights” tutorial on the IBM Bluemix Garage Method website.

DevOps Insights Dashboard

For more information about DevOps Insights, consult the Bluemix Docs.

DevOps Insights is an experimental offering and is provided as-is for development and experimentation purposes only.

Get started with DevOps Insights today to ensure that you deploy only quality code.

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