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IBM Bluemix Data Connect extended to provide Entity Analytics

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data connect cardFrom now on, users of Data Connect can also leverage advanced Entity Matching technology from our MDM and Identity Insights products. This provides users the ability to improve the quality of their data before using the data for analytics.

  • In Bluemix Data Connect, users can now pull in and shape the data they want to match and execute the matching technology, which will allow them to de-duplicate their data. This provides a simplified Analytical MDM experience, providing MDM technologies to everyone without relying on MDM ninjas to configure matching algorithms, and waiting for Data Engineers to transform the data into a format that can be matched.
  • By navigating through a relationship graph of the data, Bluemix Data Connect users can understand the de-duplicated datasets and how the entities are related across the entire dataset.
  • Users also have the ability to pull in data from an existing on-premises or hosted MDM system. For the first time, this gives our MDM clients a way to seamlessly understand the data they hold within their MDM repositories and be able to match their MDM data with other data sources not included within the MDM system. This provides significant advantages to business analysts who want to provide more accurate analytics by allowing them to utilize the most trusted data available to them.

These exciting new features are in beta and are available to all new and existing users of Bluemix Data Connect … and we’re not done yet. We’re going to be extending these functions throughout the beta period and into 2017.

More information on the use cases that can now be satisfied with this new capability are discussed on the bigdatahub.

Jay Limburn

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